The most famous star in Perseus is Algol, which literally means The Ghoul but a more appropriate translation is The Demon. It's not so much an eater of the dead as it is a general agent of hell. Not as bad ass as a Balrog, more like a clerk or an intern from level five.

I voted a straight dummycrat ticket. The repugnacans have failed us.

Those whacky ancient Babylonians called the zodiac "the furrow" (a narrow ditch). They basically divided the sky into two parts, the furrow, and not the furrow.

"I'm in favor of a virtual debate. Otherwise they can just swat you." - Fly

The constellation Musca represents a fly but there was already a fly up north made of stars which are part of Aries the Ram. Folks called Musca the southern fly to distinguish it from the northern fly but eventually the northern one went away and Aries became a no-fly zone.

The Orion Nebula glows in the dark because there are several brand new baby stars screaming their ultraviolet heads off in this crib. We call it an emission nebula but what we really mean is screaming ultraviolet baby heads.

I once called the Choctaw Indian Museum in Oklahoma City. A woman answered the phone with four words in a strange language. "Ken ah hep yall."

I'll say one thing for him, he's not half dumb.

I don't want to sound too political but between now and election day the Andromeda Galaxy will be getting more than 230 million miles closer to us.

Remember you don't have to be crazy to dance naked in the moonlight.

I just sent Biden 20 bucks for telling him to shut up to his face on national TV. If you tell him to shut up to his face on TV, maybe I'll send you 20 bucks too. Plz allow 30 days for delivery.

Do you have to stare all the time? Asking for the abyss.

My wife took my graph paper. I think she's plotting something.

Astrophotography isn't the same as when we used film back in olden times. You have to learn to take lots of photos and schmoosh them together with software. Astroschmooshing is an art form unto itself.

Say what you will, planets in retrograde can definitely cause humans to make odd associations between random events and celestial geometry.

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