And that's how you punk a fan base. - George "Bitches Be Crazy" Martin.

I slept like a rock last night. A big rock that rolled down a mountain knocking down trees for several hours then off a cliff into a big rock crushing machine.

My wife wants to know how many telescopes is too many I currently only have nine so I guess we'll never know.

The cool thing about an eyepiece 2x barlow is that it fits perfectly in that drawer with all the other things I never use.

Many people grind, polish, and parabolize their own telescope mirrors. It gives them a little joy in an otherwise terrifying world so please don't make fun of them.

When St Helen's blew on 5.18.80 it woke me up. I have stories. Hitching across WA, was picked up by a guy who rented a basement apt from Heart's drummer's dad. Then by a drunk who got us thrown into the Ritzville jail. I fell sleep the next day in the desert on the soft warm ash.

M103 is an open cluster in Cassiopeia. It is approximately 10,000 light years away, that's like only four or five galactic bus stops. It was the last object Charles Messier entered into his catalog of 110 objects. That's right, 103 is the last of 110.

Let the chips fall where they may. But then organize them by color no one likes a messy magoo.

Every great victory is composed of many small victories. If the opposite tends to be true, that great failures are made up of lesser failures, then the Dotard is en route to something colossal.

I just don't know about Game of Thrones. I mean, the author creates this delightful milieu, and lots of flawed but interesting characters. Everyone identifies with this character or that. But then it's like he becomes dissatisfied and begins killing them all off. Even the small handful that survive tend to be horribly cursed as though the author has some sort of perverted blood lust oh wait. Did I say Game of Thrones? I'm sorry I meant the Bible. It's the Bible that does that.

For those who haven't had enough GOT spoilers: Brienne is now a weak-kneed schoolmarm. Sansa and Dany have synchronized their periods. And Ghost can't get that Sarah Mclachlan song out of his head.

M81 is a gracefully symmetric spiral galaxy. I'm sure its inhabitants are quite proud.

It is with great dishonor that I confess my error. The large print sayeth "Pale Ale" but the small print sayeth "infused with blueberries."

None of the main characters on Game of Thrones have died in more than a year so I think they're safe.

Pudgy old bald dude mansplains about the stars, tonight at the planetarium.

Trump couldn't find his ass using two mirrors and a flashlight.

You have two wolves inside you. The recommended number is zero.

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