When I walked across the stage at graduation I said to the university president "I will never eat Top Ramen again." And I have not.

If you can't find the north star let someone else steer of the boat. You can move the thing, and the other thing. Don't drink my grog.

Sometimes students ask a question that I'm not prepared to answer until I've read up on it a bit so I say "I'm not prepared to answer until I've read up on it a bit."

In a couple years some Kurds, who are teenagers now, will form a group with a tough sounding name and retaliate for America's betrayal. Then Americans will generalize their whole population, labeling them as terrorists. It's like if you beat your dog and then later have to put him down for biting people.

"Take a picture it lasts longer" ~ the abyss

I'm not a young man and that's probably for the best because, you know, these pants.

Listing all of Newton's contributions to science would fill several volumes, depending on how small you can write.

"What other star compares to our sun? With the sun’s help we will destroy the stars. We will bury them on the mountain where our sun lives." ~ someone a long time ago probably

Building Stonehenge must have taken 500 men using leather ropes to move the largest stones on a sledge, another 100 men to move and lay the rollers in front of the sledge, and 30 hidden figures doing all the math.

Starbucks has a series of lightly roasted blends which are perfect for folks who don't really like coffee.

The great thing about jokes about the solar system is that they will keep being funny for another 4 to 5 billion years.

Aristotle reported seeing Jupiter occult a star in Gemini, William Herschel discovered Uranus in Gemini, and Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in Gemini. This has been the Gemini report.

For a long time I was following 666 and now I'm following more than that but now I have 666 following me.

Being kind to oppressors only helps the oppressors.

People in my tweets are fictional characters and any resemblance to my wife is purely coincidental.

"Football is stupid let's watch the show where people compete by making wedding dresses out of toilet paper that's a real sport."

The Autumn sky is amazing.

Capricornus: globular clusters

Aquarius: globulars and open clusters

Pisces: spiral galaxies


Taurus: supernova remnant

The snake-hair of Medusa would turn you to stone but Perseus viewed her in the reflection on his shield which I guess made her image less intense. I assume this was before fluorescent lighting.

Many legends of the gods are not much more than a celestial porno, more or less. The moons of our solar system wouldn't even have names if the Temple of Olympus wasn't essentially a toga party at a Greek fraternity.

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