We have to hold cops to a higher standard than apples.

Don't make my Jeep Wrangler mad. You don't want to cross the Rubicon.

Daily I put pants on a grown man as he is walking away from me and swatting at my face. We are allowed no physical restraints or chemical restraints. We CAN use what they call "gentle deception" which essentially is saying there soon will be cake, even when there will be no cake.

A couple of comets I captured a long long time ago, in olden days when we used high speed film and made long grueling exposures. It was a simpler time. Opium was considered a condiment.

Comet Hyakutake
Spring 1996 - Spangle, WA

Comet Hale-Bopp
Spring 1997 - Wenas, WA

I do not get all liquored up and dance naked under the stars. Unless there is a comet or something.

The word "gazelle" comes from an Arabic word, it means "to flirt." Some older star maps call this constellation Tabitha which is Aramaic for Gazelle.

In the Bible a woman named Tabitha is a dressmaker who died but Peter raised her from the dead. Was she flirty? Did she leap about and have long legs? I'll leave such ecclesiastical questions for another time.

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Comet Neowise is about to pass through the Three Leaps of the Gazelle, just below the Big Dipper in Ursa Major.

There are three pairs of stars which are the tracks left by that critter as it went leaping by. They are called First Leap, Second Leap, and Third Leap. The comet is head the opposite way of the gazelle, and is approaching the Third Leap.

Yaay for my first time ever I'm shooting prime focus through a refractor with a DSLR, and stacking images to boot. 9 shots stacked, ISO 1000, 15 sec, 5" f/8... At least I didn't get skunked.

I tried to shoot the comet through my new refractor with my new camera but then I remembered I don't know how to do that.

A "siege" of herons descended upon our duck pen last night, looking for rodents and snakes and what not I guess.

Sub: Comet Neowise
Date: July 13, 2020
Time: 2230 PDT
Loc: Whatcom, WA USA
Cam: Nikon D610
Lens: 300mm
Fstp: 5.6
ISO: 800
Exp: 3 sec
Photo by: Brad Snowder
Attire: fuzzy bathrobe and irrigation boots

Can I order some ribs that won't tip my car over? Asking for a Fred.

If you don't like dust you're gonna hate Sagittarius.

I can almost always tell what a dog is thinking by using the Vulcan mind-meld. It's thinking "What the...? Pet me normal you freak."

Summer is the time to see the Silver Dollar Galaxy in Sculptor, so named because it is too valuable to throw away but too big to carry around in your pocket.

The kids seems so disappointed when I tell them the sun will die. Can I just say it will go live on a farm with rabbits?

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