I'm trying to make sense of the federal guidelines but I'm running out of push pins and yarn.

May I have a large container of coffee right now? Cream included. Drizzling vanilla flavoring too so it's redolent with aromas of spices. Then set the beverage cup on plastic transport trays.


During that last Corona Virus briefing the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies got about 300,000 miles closer together.

Desmond and Molly, our resident Canada Geese, have made a nest on the edge of our pond, under the big fir tree which forms an island unto itself during this rainy time of year. Expect baby gosling photos in early May.

Love in the Time of CoronaVirus. Chapter 11. Revolt of the Essential Workers

With caregivers out sick, my wife and I are working 24/7 at our adult family home. Mrs H is 100 yrs old and will be 101 in July. She was born during the Spanish Flu and she is sassy, ornery, and funny as hell. We are doing our best to protect her and the others from CV19. Only I venture out, to fetch food and meds. Plz help by playing this thing smart.

It's one thing to go to war. It's another thing when the war comes to you.

Love in the Time of CoronaVirus. Chapter 10: Anything Goes.

My off-then-online courses ended at midnight last night and I'm elated by all the papers that were submitted in the last 5 minutes. Although to be fair, a single sentence is not really a proper paper, even if it contains 1250 words.

Love in the Time of CoronaVirus. Chapter 9: Beautiful Things
Credit: June Gilbank

I just saw a well-dressed woman walking swiftly down the sidewalk screaming at the top of her lungs. It was bound to happen and I don't mean that to be funny in the least.

When you stick your debit card into the slot its basically having sex with every other card that has been in there.

No human has ever been outside of our own galaxy and looked back to see just what it looks like, regardless of what you may have heard on late night radio, but in terms of architecture M95 is probably pretty damn close to what the Milky Way looks like. (image credit VLT)

The world is in a war with an unthinking and uncaring force of nature. Its name is Donald Dumbass.

All health begins with a reliable source of clean water. You need it for cleaning, cooking, drinking, and squirting your cat when it starts to claw the furniture. water.org/

I love America. Oh it's totally a whore of Babylon though.

Dearest Abigail, today we used the last of the toilet paper we bought during the virus. I don't know what is to become of us.
January 11, 2057

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