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Album cover for the unlockable "Introducing Wario Deluxe" record in WarioWare Gold.

anyone got that image of the "GOOD NIGHT WHITE PRIDE" roundel thing expect it says "GOOD NIGHT SLEEP WELL" and the picture in the middle is just one of a bed

@Siphonay bowsette+symbiote. eaten by kirby. how many more levels can we add

art of my fursona I want:

- cosplaying as waluigi
- with a pokémon trainer outfit
- possessed by the venom symbiote

From today on there are 11 years old kids that are younger than Team Fortress 2

"What if we take the concept of magic being real and shoehorn it into a world that almost entirely consists of boarding schools, bureaucrats and cops?" will always be the saddest fucking thing ever.

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