Pour celles et ceux que ça intéresserai, j'ai fait un cut du reportage du 20H de TF1 dans lequel je suis passé

CW, c'est TF1

Today I

- kept hurting a brand
- put my face, fursona and the Philly pride flag on the most watched TV news program of the country on the biggest channel

They only kept two sentences of what I said but at least it wasn't too misleading

(irl pic, no eye contact)

Forgot to share this awesome pic here.

Quake II RTX is nice~

Shame there are no cutscenes or music :/

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This is rainbow capitalism season eh? But let's not forget racism exists in the queer community and that we can and must do better. Let's crush all the power dynamics & make people of color feel just as welcome in our circles as we are, thanks

(selfie, eye contact)

A family can be two dudes and their giant pug plushie

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