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Je vous jure la seule source que j'ai c'est le dos de la bo卯te du Monopoly de Montcuq

(CW eye contact) lol I saw this guy saturday night at the Stunfest and now I see him in a Andrew Huang video

Hey, can anybody identify this font?

I found this neat theme but unfortunately some windows have a solid underlay behind the text of the title bars, as you can see on the emcas Window

The first console I ever personally owned was a blue GBA SP

- My favorite Sonic game
- This one and Sonic Rush are underrated as fuck

I'm playing with the Nvidia control panel and let me introduce you to demigirl Siphonay

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In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap's to-do list of things to discover varies between countries the movie was released in

In this order, here are screenshots from the French, Korean, Russian and Mexican releases of the movie

I loved when Origin looked like this. It was slick and looked good at the same time. Now it's... Basic. And buggy.

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(CW close up of a roach on a cover art)

how to properly wear joots?
(cw satire of gatekeeping and toxic masculinity)