I have no idea if this is good, but so far the performance of this 5400 rpm 2TB hard drive has really satisfied me. Since my boot disk is an NVMe SSD I don't need blazing fast speed for the bigger storage, but I was surprised of how fast it got when I copied stuff from an USB 3.0 stick on it

Got this awesomely cool new art from @SOLARDOG !!! Thank you so much!

My Spotify thingy (sorry for the illegible colors it used)

Lmao I wasn't even trying and I beat Minesweeper in five seconds, my previous record was seven

Also I took a pic of my whole desk space since I've got a new PC. Wanted to show off a bit

Made a logo for my PC and modified my BIOS to display it

Accessibility issue in Ubuntu 18.04, angry Show more

Everything's here! I'll build it tomorrow or on Saturday

Got my PC case!!

Can't wait to get the rest of the components though lol

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