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it so hot in there that my bird melted!!!!! lmao

I had a pet rabbit! She was called Trefle (translates to "Clover"). She was a Flemish Giant, not usually a race used for pets... It's also the biggest race. She was T H I C C

(not her on the pic, just a pic of the race)

I woke up at 5AM this morning. Seeing the day slowly rise has inspired me in doing this

I love manjaro's aestethics tho (not fan of the os itself)

lol Firefox 57 looks good even on the Windows Classic theme

This emoji represent a name badge, with a "tulip" design that is often worn by Japanese kindergarten kids. It's the design as defined in the Unicode specification, and is a testimony of the japanese origin of emojis, because before checking it, I had no idea what it was, I tought it was some kind of wierd roadsign.

Some sets (like Microsoft's pictured here) originally used a more occidental take of the name tag, but later began to use the design as it is recommended by the Unicode standard.

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PLESSIE!!!!! DORRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the scrollbar from when you enable the "Lite" theme in Windows 8.x and 10

wow deepl has some quirks tho haha, it translated "this country" by "in Canada" wtf

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