mastodon feature request: a button on every toots that read it in the way Animal Crossing characters speak

@Siphonay *Siphonay voice* ephiep appopaohaouepeteh? Ho ohaeuhiepiep! *twirl animation* *tadah animation*

@Siphonay holy shit

mastodon frontend that makes it look like animal crossing and everyone you follow is a villager and when you talk to them they say one of their recent toots

@chr I'd love a social media like that, like Miitomo or PS Home tbh

@Siphonay @chr seriously though I would LOVE a frontend like this

someone actually make this happen

@behemoff @chr @Siphonay
SAME. If there were any kind of virtual meetup/video-game-like interface, I would really feel like I could hang out with my friends.
I mean it wouldn't be the same as hanging out in person, but at least it'd feel like we were kinda in the room together, seeing each other as we wanted to be seen.

Maybe entire social networks should just move onto Second Life? (I would 800% support this)

@mysidia @behemoff @chr @Siphonay
Honestly, this feels very similar to the way Miitomo was, including the, okay, keep talking to Behemoth to see if there are any more toots I missed.

Which may not be a bad thing?

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