I'd like to introduce you to the jorb (jean orb)

@Siphonay @quant is that the one that, according to some, needs constant protection from undocumented immigrants?

@Siphonay oh christ the sound quality on this

curse the state of the web circa 2001

here is much needed transcript because even im having issues hearing a couple lines here

@Siphonay you!!! how can you put such raw uncontained power onto our timelines!! i'm not even wearing jafety (jeans safety) joogles (jeans googles)

@Siphonay something about this photo is menacing

like the Jorb™ is gonna start playing O Fortuna and slowly approach

@Siphonay nothing but jeans as far as the eye can see

@Siphonay ah so this is the thing baby boomers are complaining that I, the millennials, lack. I must acquire a jorb. For America.

@narF I have heard good things about pounding pavement. it must be a spawn item.


precious jorbs, stonewashed or distressed, are not safe. jorb thieves plan elaborate jorb heists

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