“Moving efficiently in the CLI”


This is a *very* handy graphic. I’m still stuck on arrow keys too because I don’t remember the shortcuts

(Caveat, these do depend on your particular shell and distro so do check that they work the same)



From the point of view of a non-technical person, that looks incredibly non-intuitive. If not outright intimidating.

Sometimes you use CTRL. Sometimes you use ALT. Why does ALT-B go to the end of the word in one direction, but the other is ALT-F? It seems like there's no particular logic to it and it's all very complicated.

I have to assume it looks much different to someone with experience and skill.

@Nezchan @cypnk I'm a programmer who knew some of these already and i picked up the same thing... it seems silly to not have any consistency when it is so easy to be consistent

but as @cypnk mentions, history dictates a lot on computers

@tcql @cypnk Yeah, a lot of this seems to be legacy and "I learned it this way and got used to it, therefore my current self sees it as natural". And so they get carried on.

Plus, redesigning them means all the people who have been using them so far would have to learn a new paradigm, which isn't appealing either.

@Nezchan @cypnk its funny becuase there's ALMOST logic. As @Efi points out B for Backward, F for Forward. And A could be "the letter before B, because we're going farther backward", but with that logic, the same function for the opposite direction should be G, not E, because you're going farther forward


@tcql @Nezchan @cypnk E is for End, A is for... french àpres, which means before???


@Efi @tcql @Nezchan @cypnk it's spelled "après" and it means after :p

@Siphonay @Efi @tcql @cypnk

'It's not so much an afterlife' Said Arthur, 'more a sort of après vie'

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