Any way to automatically prune empty accounts that have never been active at all?

@Siphonay in your admin console (bundle exec rails c):

# find all local accounts that # - are regular accounts # - have been around for 6 weeks or longer # - have no posts local_accounts_without_posts = Account.local.joins(:account_stat, :user).where(users: {admin: false, moderator: false}).where('accounts.created_at < ?', 6.weeks.ago).where('account_stats.statuses_count = 0') # if you want to see which users before you do anything: # local_accounts.without_posts.pluck(:username) # do the delete-y thing local_accounts_without_posts.find_each { |a| SuspendAccountService(a, reserve_username: false, reserve_email: false) }

@Siphonay np
(also a typo - should be in the last line)
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