I finally received my Microsoft playing cards! It also has two all new Joker cards designed by Susan Kare for the occasion

Imagine if I didn't do this (I just hope they don't start flying at the end)

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@Siphonay oh my god? oh, my god??? where did you get these? i want them

@Siphonay thank you 🙏

i forget if i've ever mentioned this: i casually collect playing card decks and this is a perfect colleciton piece

@Siphonay Oh, I’m super interested. Where did you get it?

@Siphonay holy shit the card edges even

I want these

@The_T check the replies! I linked the website a few times :3

@stolas I posted the link in the replies if you want

Short horror story 

@Siphonay You complete your first game of Solitaire with your new deck of Microsoft playing cards. As soon as you place the fourth and final King, each card immediately begins rapidly duplicating itself, propelled across the room under their own copies. You try to grab onto them but your hands are filled with Queens and Nines. The room begins to fill with cards, a sea of cardboard slowly rising towards your head...

Short horror story 

@dickmandrake @Siphonay

Cortana through the BGP looking glass? 😆

@Siphonay all thats missing is a piece of green cardstock c:

@therealraccoon I don't think so but I haven't looked. I don't think MS makes money on these though

@Siphonay Thanks for the reply! That the deck carries their approval and copyright notice is enough to turn me off, unfortunately.

@therealraccoon it's a shame because I'm pretty sure the sales of this benefit the original designer of the pack Susan Kare rather than Microsoft

@therealraccoon notice how it says permission and not license. I think that implies Microsoft isn't being compensated for it

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