I hate cops cause I'm queer and I know my history

Cops are responsible for upholding the Law. Historically, the Law where I live in France, the Law in the US, and in even more countries to this day has been written and geared against queer people like me. Being a cop meant and means having the duty to oppress, intimidate, kill me.

If you're queer you should know this. If you're queer you should show solidarity to black people and people of color who still face this issues to this day.

@Siphonay in my town there was an attempt to "pinkwash" cops by literally deploying two "twink cops" to the Pride festival, but I noticed their rainbow badges had been put on covering up their shoulder numbers (something 1980s cops in London were notorious for doing at protests, and still doesn't look good today).

Its also possible that was done to protect the officers from bullying in their own ranks, which shows how rotten the system really is..

@Siphonay Amen. The cops are no friend to us queers, and no friend to black people, and no friend to most marginalized folk.

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