I still can’t find a trace of the basic Animal Crossing web browser game nintendo had on their website for City Folk’s release (at least the European one), not even a screenshot. Just people saying "oh yeah I remember it too"

The only thing I remember is that you could pick a season and walk around in a map with trees

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okay update it’s there it still exists it’s online on Nintendo’s website you just need to open it in a browser with flash

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I’m just so happy I found this again. I got nostalgia whiplash, I wanna cry

I know it’s a disproportionate emotion but it’s like that lmao

I love this so much

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ok I’m gonna grind the bells and archive all the downloadable content you can trade them for

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YES, I found a way to archive the whole game. I’m gonna archive all the languages and the news articles

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In 2008, Nintendo of Europe put online a Flash microsite for Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City (the PAL name of City Folk), featuring a very basic Animal Crossing games, trailers, news updated until 2012, and bonus downloadable content.


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It’s still up on Nintendo’s website, but really hard to find and not archived anywhere. Since it’s something I’m nostalgic about and that Nintendo might delete without warning any day now, I’ve archived every version in every language, with every single piece of content I could find.

You need a web browser with Flash support (such as Inernet Explorer 11) to access the site. acmicrosite.demiboy.online/


Small update: I added instructions for running the microsite directly from a standalone Flash Player instead of an old web browser

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Kinda impressive though how they maintained that flash site all the way through one month before New Leaf’s release (in Japan, at least)

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… Though you can pinpoint the exact moment when they stopped trying with the titles

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@Siphonay that was fun~

Thanks for sharing this. I got the maximum number of bells, and I really enjoyed it. Since I am American I didn't know this existed, but I am glad you were able to do download it and archive it.

You should see if you could get in touch with the head of Wayback Machine. I am sure that he would LOVE to archive this... that is if he doesn't have it archived already.

@natsumisummer I actually checked and Nintendo of Europe is excluded entirely from their archives. Also the thing I archived is still online, so there might be copyright issues with that. I may give it a shot, though

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