I don’t even like The Stanley Parable that much

I love the surreal corporate office setting but the writing is trying waaay to hard to sound like a smartass. The game has a valid, inoffensive point but really isn’t subtle with it.

It seems to me the game cries "look how smart I am!" and that the fans of this game are like "look how smart I am for getting what the game is trying to say" and I really don’t vibe with that specific kind of nerdassery

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On the other hand, I really liked Davey Wreden’s next game after The Sanley Parable, which is The Beginner’s Guide. It’s a bit more aggressive in what it tries to tell the player, but not in a "bad" way I guess?

I feel like playing it led me to do some healthy introspection and I really got something out of this game and I’m grateful for it.

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@Siphonay amazing commitment to the bit. making a joke that takes half a decade to land? what an example Mr. Stanley Parable has set

@micrackbiron I take it as sort of an essay on the rapport between the player and a game’s narration, and no matter how much freedom you feel you have with a game story, it’s almost always illusory because everything is already written

@Siphonay I don't know if that game takes itself that seriously
I just found it amusing trying stuff and see what the game had planned to counter that

The game he made after that is more interesting (and way more upsetting) though

@Thib problem is most endings left me underwhelmed, a few of them get intense/have a strong tone shift at the very end but otherwise they feel like they’re all written similarly to me, so they all feel very monolithic and uninteresting

Ofc that’s only my opinion and my own perception of the game

@Siphonay true, a lot of endings were similar and underwhelming (and tbh I don't really remember any of them 🤷)

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