I worked hard to make look pretty and unique among other Mastodon servers. take a look! I’m so proud of it.

@Siphonay awesome! time to break out the dice (for passwords, that is).

@david what do you mean by "where"? What specific changes that were made?

@Siphonay I mean did you edit any config files or stylesheets to incorporate the style changes?

@david I made my own theme which kinda has its mechanics. I had to change and write some scss files to change the font, I also edited the landing page for the donphan friend to be there instead of the hero image, and had to make and replace svg files to replace all the Mastodon branding for’s

@Siphonay @david i'm working on one myself. these are the couple of changes i had to make to a default docker build:

@Siphonay the soft orange is very nice to look at! I like the trunk thingy on the long in scteeen

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