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Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind parast.at

@impiaaa "also we're making up our own new protocol" i see no issues with that, especially when the people doing that have no experience building that kind of thing afaik

@er1n @impiaaa I've found the blog post that gives a few more details than the landing page:


From the sound of it, they just mean something like LitePub, a version of ActivityPub with some added semantics. Not sure what the progress is on that protocol, though.

The blog post mentions that some of our mod tools "waste time", I'd be curious to hear the specifics and what alternatives they come up with...

@Gargron @er1n @impiaaa "ActivityPub is insecure" is a statement about as truthful as "computer is insecure"

ActivityPub is basically just email with more structured data and less caked-on layers of legacy support.

I'm interpreting this to mean one of two things: either they're designing something with blockchain because they heard that word once and are excited about all the nonsense orbiting around it, or they've got no ideas at all and the project is going to be cancelled when they realize that.

@ben @er1n I'm pretty sure the authors are against blockchain, so it's definitely the latter case (just like with forkoff/florence)

@impiaaa @er1n Florence at least had concrete goals

this project seems to be a fundraiser scam with no actual plan to make a piece of usable software

@ben @impiaaa @er1n it’s okay for you to not believe the project but I won’t let you accuse my friends of being scammers. They have concrete goals and there has been actually months of work and personal investment before making themselves public. There are already prototypes running.

@ben @impiaaa @er1n the interface prototype is only a mockup, but internally it’s already mostly written in Elm, they’re currently implementing it to the software

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