@Siphonay Even better: It is a sister city with Llanfairpwll­gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll­llantysilio­gogogoch


@andrej I think this has been removed from the French wikipedia page because there’s no source for it

@Siphonay @andrej

the entry has been removed from the English version - its also difficult to find out what is true as "Twin Town" happens to be the title of a crime movie set in Wales making it very difficult to search for what Welsh towns are twinned with others in Europe or beyond..

@vfrmedia @andrej I can’t find any mention of a twinning with Y on Llanfair PG’s wikipedia page either

@vfrmedia You can exclude keywords with "-" operator, on search engines. Like -movie and -film to exclude anything with these keywords from the search's results.

@Siphonay @andrej

@devnull @Siphonay @andrej

this one, however, is a particularly unusual/difficult case - both the movie title and the concept of a twin town are the exact same search term!

I don't think there is any tech solution that can avoid the confusion here, although delving deeper into twin towns (as a a local govt concept) hints that the UK is twinning less often and even ending existing agreements as a consequence of public sector austerity and Eurosceptism...

@andrej @devnull @Siphonay

TBH I haven't even noticed as many twin town/village signs in my own region (and I pay attention to these when driving as the speed limit change sign is usually on the the same post) - often its not that the twinning /isn't/ happening but there isn't the money to maintain signs or pay for the extra to add the two coats of arms to both - there is a twin town sign at Felixstowe, but its a 60mph/96 km/h road so I always forget the names..

@Siphonay Ah, too good to be true. Maybe I can research it a bit more later.

@otini @andrej @Siphonay Yeah, I saw that in Wiki, but I wondered about the Ee's.

@Siphonay TIL.
ça se prononce "i" mais les habitants sont les Ypsiloniens, marrant.

@Siphonay @kiilas Reminded me of Å. There's also Ö in Sweden, but I can't seem to find it online.

@Siphonay Et les habitants sont des Ypsiloniens. Et je trouve ça plutôt classe.

@Siphonay interesting, I wonder if it's related to the legendary city of Ys

@Siphonay even better, it's a COMMUNE.

(yes this means something different en Francais)

@Siphonay they're just really proud of their town, and they all wave their arms in the air like they just don't care

My favourite is those signs saying Toutes Directions. In some towns like Savigny-les-Beaumes both roads are maked with this. I assume you eventually get to Rome...

@Siphonay y tho

And the legend says that the mayor of Y filed a lawsuit against X 'cause the sign was stolen multiple times :blobcat3c:

@Siphonay Is there a town called X?

Also how uncreative Game Freak naming the games with a Pokemon region after a town. xD

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