raspberry pis are great because you can make them into underwhelming versions of other things

@Siphonay I mean, I respect the raspberry pi but if it was between one of the many pi game boy things and the upcoming indie portable consoles, it's no competition at all

@Siphonay sorry to drop this on your post but someone i know wants a retropi setup, is there a better solution for that?

@softgoat It depends on what they want, but I think retropi setups are really decent at what they can do (my post was mostly a joke!), Although from what I tried they tend to have a lot of input lag

@Siphonay It's fine, all it does rn is serve my Website and allow me to ssh into my home network

@Siphonay pis are amazing because they managed to damage one of my micro SD cards faster than any other device. I find 1 week is an impressive mark.

@sfner my first Android phone was doing that!

To be honest microSD cards are really unreliable


Well they come with FOUR usb ports which somehow absurdly is now unheard of in laptop design so theres that

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