you might want Pokémon Green as it didn’t release in the west so it’s
more desirable, but, it’s the same as the Japanese Pokémon Red.

The Pokémon Red/Blue we got is based on the Japanese Pokémon Blue, which is much rarer since it was only sold to subscribers of CoroCoro magazine. It also has some exclusive content compared to Japanese Red/Green and Western Red/Blue

So you might think that until Gen V broke it with a second couple of versions, the release model of "twin versions + definitive third version" was a thing since Gen I, and it is true in the west, although in Japan, Gen I got a third AND a fourth version (Pokémon Yellow, called Pokémon Pikachu in Japan)

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@Siphonay wait wasn't yellow officially called "special pikachu edition" in the west too? (or just europe, or something, idk)

@g Actually… we don’t know

The box art, cartridge, manual, promos refer it with several names

Pokémon Yellow Version
Pokémon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition
Pokémon Special Pikachu Edition

@g no no it’s alright, most people didn’t even notice lol

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