Here's what WarioWare: Twisted! tells you when you erased save data.

I really feel like that when I do so it hits me hard lol, even when I erase someone else's game save when I buy games second hand. That's why I back them up when I can when I buy pre-owned them! I did it for this one so jokes on you

LB video caption: scrolling text on a Nintendo DS Lite reads, "You've erased all your data. It's like a piece of you has died. Press START when you're done grieving."

@Siphonay wow, emotional manipulation because your save is gone. fuck nintendo.

@lyliawisteria I just think they meant this message as humorous. Quite insensitive, sure, but not malicious

@Siphonay p sure nintendo exists because capitalism, and capitalists love manipulating people into buying things and caring about things that are quite meaningless and often wasteful.

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