@Siphonay excuse me

that clearly says "cloopseend"

@Siphonay puppy did very well considering puppy is puppy

@Siphonay road is not suitable for hovercrafts age 1 and younger

@Siphonay I guess even roads have a hard time making up their minds. 😂

@Siphonay you misread it, the road is actually cloopseend.My hov is 4, so I can't cloops it anyway.

@Siphonay 'cloopseend' is a much preferable term for this condition than the mathematically canonical 'clopen'.

@Siphonay you can’t spell “CLOOPSEEND” without “OOPSEE”

@Siphonay thirsty signs always asking me to seend them my cloops

@Siphonay aw hey my gran lives in Cloop's End, the only downside is they really need a bypass so the assorted HOV don't go through the high street

potentially screenreader unfriendly text 

@Siphonay How many roads must a man walk down before you can cloopseend a man?

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