haha I was gonna say "love that video game where 🅱 is the action button and 🅰 cancels" but it's just that I'm using an xbox controller and I'm used to nintendo button placement ;_;

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oof that was, uh, an unpleasant discussion with mom. oooof

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@tom has Big Greggs Energy while @Siphonay has Big Angus Energy, I really like the characters in this game. And @shel has Big Bea Energy too! lots of friens and they're all furs ^~^

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@Siphonay @wxcafe @tom Being a bear is also about age. You're only a cub until you're at least 25 some would say until 40

@shel @wxcafe @tom I see, but I wouldn't say that too much because that means something else in furry circles

@Siphonay @tom @shel ur bear frien!! whom always nice and aloof but always there to talk to and helps as much as he can! and is sweet and basically Can't Be Angry 💚

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