Remember the 3D Pinball from Windows XP? It was actually an inferior re-make of a board in a pinball collection called Full Tilt Pinball developed by Maxis.

You can now download the superior version (higher res graphics and sound, music, better physics, smoother gameplay) for free, as it is now abandonware. And it works on Windows 10.

(actually don't bother replacing the files like the instructions say you should, you can just run the .exes in the board folders)

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@Siphonay I love the multi-step installation process

it brings me right back to nostalgia central <3

@Siphonay I remember on the Windows 95/NT iteration of 3D Pinball, there was a bug that made it run at some ridiculous hundreds of frames per second rate. It was very useful for the test department at my job because it put a 100% strain on the CPU which allowed them to test how well our software ran with that going on the in the background.

@Aradia it is taking 10% from my 2018 Ryzen CPU which is pretty impressive

@Siphonay i had Full Tilt for the Mac and was so surprised when i saw a crappy version of Space Cadet on someone else's Windows box 😄

@Siphonay Thank you so much! I loved playing this as a kid!

@Siphonay Even if it were possible, which it’s not (thank god), I wouldn’t even want to know how many hours I wasted on that dumb XP game.

@Siphonay Wow, I didn't know about this! It was my favorite game on Windows XP, I spend hours playing with it.
Thank you for sharing this information! I'll try to make it run on my computer.

@Siphonay Woah I have played so many hours on the Windows version… thanks for sharing this.

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