OCR Output (chars: 768) 

OCR Output (chars: 768) 

@carbontwelve @Siphonay :thaenkin: i am a millennial.
i know that i have to kill at at least one god to get my gender accepted.

but i didn't realize we could not only kill metaphysical beings, but whole concepts! :blobuwu:

@Siphonay this reminds me that I should cancel a few subscriptions...

@Siphonay also: nice 'its your fault you're poor' subtext there

not like bougies would even need to contemplate this

@Siphonay What, do they expect me to actually own stuff, like going to the store to buy individual movies and TV shows on $20+ DVDs for each and every show I might feel like watching?

Also, do they know where I could buy a small apartment instead of renting? I'd like to get rid of that monthly fee.

@RecursiveRabbit @Siphonay I'm paraphrasing this, but

Capitalism: Under communism and socialism you can't own anything

Also Capitalism: Our stuff is only available through subscription lol

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OCR Human Output 

@Siphonay lmao the absolute lack of self awareness here is astounding

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@Siphonay @OCRbot Clearly, people writing articles are not the one takings decisions at those journals.

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@Siphonay @OCRbot

WSJ is part of Evil Rupert Murdoch's empire, so be proactive and do not give any ad views or clicks.

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