oh did I post this one here? It's kind of lame compared to the two others but here's it

really proud of the U tbh. I just made a simple path and selected a color with the same brightness than the others and it did the trick

I originally just wrote LAD in Gill Sans MT which is the font for the Game Boy logo, but the bar on the A was too low, and the font was too wide, not slanted enough and too wide

So I resorted to make the letters using the others in the word GAME, and the D with a path

@Siphonay oh wow I didn't notice you renamed it to 'GAME LAD' until seeing it a second time 😂

@dzuk I originally used Gill Sans MT to write LAD but the font was not thick enough, slanted too hard and the A's line was too low, so I made an L out of the E, copied the A and made a D with the E's bar and a path for the curve

@Siphonay game lad colour is an original bit and a fun play on UK english

the other is a bit of a tired meme at this point though the zootopia font spices it up a little

@pupy honestly I was just looking for something more challenging and original than "toot" to write with the zootopia font and that's the first thing that came to me

@Siphonay thats fair tbh

it is very amusing regardless of how tired the meme is at this point 'w'

@pupy this low effort "vaporwave" version that it just the song but slowed down is really relaxing youtube.com/watch?v=U_IsGFQ-xX

@Siphonay low effort vaporwave is very much three words to describe me

@Siphonay tho this was less "Low effort" and more "accidental outsider art because Oh God How Does I Vape Waves"

@Siphonay but like i feel like its lost potential

what you need to do is like a zootopia ytp video and have that be in place of the actual movie title somewhere

@micrackbiron Nope, GIMP!
I made the letter U from scratch with a path and an appropriately thick tracing of it and I’m pretty happy on how good it ended up looking

@micrackbiron at work (IT helpdesk technician) I use both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 on separate machines depending on the tasks I have to do. I dual-boot these OSes at home on my gaming computer, although I mainly use Windows. Ubuntu is there when I need to build heavy stuff like Android or just experiment with other stuff. And I have a laptop for basic web browsing that is on Arch Linux.

@Siphonay Ooh, Arch! I haven't mastered that yet. I'm using Ubuntu 19.04 but I use Windows 10 at work.

@Siphonay a thought occurs. the gba would be called the Game Bloke instead

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