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I do numerous things to try and contribute to Mastodon's community!

I run, administrate and moderate and run @pokenews on it
I am a moderator for this very instance,
I am an administrator on
I am a community mediator on

If you appreciate the work I do and want to support me doing it, you can donate on my Patreon page:

Thank you! :3

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As an amab demi-guy I wish to be an ambassador of positive masculinity

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My alts:

Sexual stuff, personal questionment, vent

Talking about weed or talking under its infuence

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infosec dot exchange yea baby let’s exchange infosec

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Nouvel article sur la boutique : trousse / petit sac à fleurs en crochet


J'y ai mis du temps, est-ce que ça valait le coup ?

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Mr email
e me a mail
Make the attachment
a pic of a snail

Got my DS Lite shell but it's missing the stylus that was on the pic as well as the tri-wing screwdriver that was said to be included in the description

Windows 10 edition only though, as DXR is only implemented in Vulkan and DirectX12, and the Java Edition uses neither

But for real Toad is named Kinopio in Japanese and I think that's cute

Did you know? Toad from Mario is AC/DC's vocalist

*painfully emerges from sleep*

*struggles to reach smartphones*

*types out a toot with difficulty*

Katamari Datamari

*send toot*

*drops phone, goes back to sleep*

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