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I do numerous things to try and contribute to Mastodon's community!

I run, administrate and moderate and run @pokenews on it
I am a moderator for this very instance,
I am an administrator on
I am a community mediator on

If you appreciate the work I do and want to support me doing it, you can donate on my Patreon page:

Thank you! :3

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As an amab demi-guy I wish to be an ambassador of positive masculinity

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My alts:

Sexual stuff, personal questionment, vent

Talking about weed or talking under its infuence

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Your instance probably has rules!

You can access the rules of most Mastodon instances by adding /about/more to their domain name. You can find's rules at
It's important that you read them to make sure you won't break any of them in the future. I recommend picking an instance only if you agree with its rules and code of conduct.

Don't hesitate to report if you see someone who is breaking the rules and being harmful. You can also report people from other instances: the local admin will recieve an anonymous report.

Thread for Mastodon and newcomers!

Hello and welcome! There have been many newcomers on the instance in the last few days. I'm really happy so many of you joined, and I did my best to greet each of you.
The instance reached 300 users today, and I'm delighted to see it grow!

I'm writing this thread to guide you through some of Mastodon's main features, as well as the etiquette of the fediverse. It would be great if you tried to respect it as best as you can so we can ensure everyone has a good time!

Hey, does anyone has the chart showing "who can see your post" depending on which privacy level you post them?

It's twenty days until Christmas but what the heck, I CANNOT WAIT.

@Ween will be with his family this holiday season but that doesn't mean we can't still be festive gay dads to our tiny human son, @Kavaeric

Art by Vesperverses on Twitter/Vespervescent on FA. So, so good.

Guys, be careful who you retoot from in the next few weeks as lots of aphobes from Tumblr are pouring into Mastodon, especially in the instance. Almost all of them are also transmed/truscum or truscum adjacent as well.

Hey Masto, do you know what to do when your full name (not mine) is used to send spam email?

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