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Hi! 馃憢 I'm Alexis/Siphonay :siphonay:

鉃 I run, admin and mod a Pok茅mon-themed generalist instance
鉃 I am a mediator for the community of
鉃 I admin, an instance focused on "mind blowing" content

If you appreciate what I do to contribute to the fediverse's life, you can consider supporting me on Liberapay or PayPal

Thank you 馃榾

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As an amab demi-guy I wish to be an ambassador of positive masculinity

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My alts:

Sexual stuff, personal questionment, vent

Talking about weed or talking under its infuence

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馃捈 Find a new job
馃搱 Stop being in negative and have a stable situation
馃彔 Move into a bigger appartment with my boyfriend
馃帗 Start new studies in English
馃嚙馃嚪 Keep learning Portuguese
馃摴 Keep streaming
馃幑 Learn how to make music
馃叞锔 Learn typography

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not sorry I make the rules

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No one's strong like Gargron
Wears a thong like Gargron
Toots to everyone 'bout
That one song like Gargron

if you hate enbies unfollow me

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are you REALLY an artist if you havent EATEN a CRAYON

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CW selfie, half grown facial hair

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does anybody have the "h" gif? not the dancing h, one with someone playing the drums in the background I think

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I dreamt about the potential plot of La casa de papel part 3 and it was just that everyone comes back and rob the Spanish Mint again

I REJECC.... toxic masculinity

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鉅 鉅鉅 馃
銆銆銆銆 :anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy:
銆銆銆馃憞銆 :anarchy: :anarchy:銆馃憞
銆銆銆銆銆 馃憿銆銆馃憿

howdy, im the sheriff of anarchy