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Siphonay 🅱️ @Siphonay

@ThorGoLucky they moved it to a secret area so it's not targeted by terrorist attacks

I made a noise album some time ago.

If you're gonna listen to it please turn your volume down. It's way too loud.

I'm not responsible for headaches.

The polls feature has been introduced in late 2015. They said they have no plans to include polls in their API.

Twitter has still not implemented features like polls in its API, and this is fucking bullshit

peeps with an account on Birdsite!! I need your help!!

I'm going for a Fursona Hunger Games thingy, and I need votes on a poll!

If you could vote for me & boost this toot it'd be super nice, please !! <3

It has been announced that France will lower the penalities for consuming cannabis. You're only gonna get a ticket now.

I live on the 25th floor on a building of a pretty low city. I've got the best fucking view and I don't ever ever want to move out of it

should do a game where people should guess from which song these deformed lyrics are from

Music lyrics but in internet shortspeak

that when she sed i dun h8 boi i just wun save u while there still smth left 2 saev

i told her i luv u gurl but am not the ansur fo the queshtns u stil hav

@Mycroft I could've brought oranges but I collected and sold them all :(

@masklayer you gotta talk to the guy in the train station, you can either open up your cities to friends from your 3DS friends list or go to open towns from people who are in your friends list

Any of you peeps have AC:NL? I'd like to visit some cities!

@marsxyz c'est une question sérieuse, j'aimerai bien connaître leurs points divergents.

Oooh you don't get villager pictures for being their best friend in New Leaf, you get them randomly, got it.

My fave villager from Animal Crossing is Kitt (Poquette, in French, which is a deformation of "Pocket"!)

She's always super nice. Also, she was the first villager that gave me a photo of themselves back when I played Wild World.

I'm glad she was in the town I got in New Leaf! I hope I get her picture in this town too.

Quels sont les désaccords entre Philippe Poutou et Nathalie Arthaud ? (ou plutôt leur partis respectifs ?)