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Siphonay 🅱️ @Siphonay

"xddd darwin award so funny" yeah so funny his girlfriend is probably scarred for life, his family is gonna go through a lot of fucking grief so shut the fuck up

I hate Darwin awards, I hate laughing of random people's death because they did something stupid and because they supposedly "deserved" it because of it

CS:GO Esports Show more

Teams I want to see qualified for this major:

Immortals (Brazil)
G2 Esports (France)
BIG (Germany)
TyLoo (China)

@nanoplink they don't generally go much further than a qualifications unfortunately. They gotta step up a lot if they want to go to the major

@nanoplink a few ones but only TyLoo currently manages to qualify for international events, CS:GO is kinda big in China

Currently: qualifiers for the next Valve Major, the PGL Krakow

Right now, TyLoo VS. Liquid

I cheer for the chinese TyLoo!

My aestethic is Master System covers

by the time weed becomes legal here in France its gonna already be some corporate controlled shit

@Mycroft I love these patterns with shapes scattered all around