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I do numerous things to try and contribute to Mastodon's community!

I run, administrate and moderate and run @pokenews on it
I am a moderator for this very instance,
I am an administrator on
I am a community mediator on

If you appreciate the work I do and want to support me doing it, you can donate on my Patreon page:

Thank you! :3

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As an amab demi-guy I wish to be an ambassador of positive masculinity

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My alts:

Sexual stuff, personal questionment, vent

Talking about weed or talking under its infuence

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Gift emoji for @ceralor who is such a cool dragon/coyote and helped me get through some really rough shit recently. You are so cool and you deserve the best! 💚

Promotional photograph of Mario and Shigeru Miyamoto during a 2012 visit to South Korea. Shigeru Miyamoto visited Korea as he expressed a desire to personally apologize to the Korean Nintendo audience for the 5-month delay in the localization of Super Mario 3D Land.

Contrary to popular belief, Super Mario Odyssey was not the first game to give Mario visible nipples (left). Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which released one year earlier, featured a Miiverse stamp depicting Mario with nipples (right).

A few weeks ago I resolved a trivial merge conflict on my repo on GitHub using a web editor directly on there. Now I can't find it anymore and I have a merge conflict again. Did they remove it orrr?

Feeling nostalgia for Windows Aero (in both Vista and 7)

They have huge... vaporwave potential actually

art by and commissioned by @asonix thank you thank you thank you :3

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