First convention in
Not a lot of People there, but that was really cool and there was a lot of good cosplayer :)
First attempt at xayah, and i'm proud of What i achieved in nearly one week of work :)
Hope you enjoy it, i'll improve it soon !

Next Step in Xayah 's
The hood is almost ready for the big feathers for the cape !

Skull finally painted, need something to make it more smooth...
Need some yellow feathers on the top, i'll met you updated ! 😊

Crâne finalement peint, faut que je trouve quelque chose pour lisser plus avant le vernis, manque quelques plumes jaunes sur le dessus et on sera bon à ce niveau là 😊

Next step in Xayah's from League of legend...

Paper mache for the skull, waiting for some sculpting and painting next (in ~ 2 days)

The hood is almost finish, a little bit bigger than first expected, but i'll try to catch my mistakes after i finish the shoulder piece.

More coming as soon as I can ! 😄

(Any tips for the birds feets? 😂)

First attempt to make a crow skull for my futur of Xayah (League of legends)

I think I'm doing great so far, it's only the base, made of paper and tape 😄

I'll post updates for each next steps for the interested !

Et vous vous demandez pourquoi certains veulent bloquer les toots en japonais... 😂

You know mastodon is good when even Dr. DOOM want to toot 😂

Bon du coup, quand tu passes trop de temps a bosser pour des prunes, et que quand tu reviens en période de cours, on t'annonce que ton contrat pro ne te permet vraiment aucun avantage par rapport aux alternants, bah tu commence a passer du temps sur (trop pauvre pour ) et tu ressors des images de tes streamers adorés, en modifiés :P


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