Welcome to England, my name's David, and this is David. But you can call us all David.

Yes, I have a page and a half of Davids, I appear to be accidentally collecting all of the local Davids

I think Davids with broken computers are just naturally attracted to me 🤷 Nearly a full page of Johns too, send your Johns over if their computers are broken, Johns are on the up

@Shrigglepuss Yes, but are you on Dave terms with any of them, or are Daves not a thing in England? g.co/kgs/nDQdvs

@InvaderXan @Ilallo A Dave Anonymous group where they all drop their surnames

@Shrigglepuss just like mamma always said, "the English are just a bunch of Davids"

@Shrigglepuss in the graphic novel 'Rat Queens' there's a group of adventures called 'The Daves', which as the name suggests is made up of only people called Dave. My favourite is orc Dave.

@Shrigglepuss But will any of them become Nighvid when it gets dark?

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