I'm pre-emptively coining for Mastodon users that are left-handed before the hashtag can be used for anything awful and full of drama. Who's with me? Any other left-handed people here to join the cause?

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@lynnesbian I don't trust right-handed people, I don't get how they work at all

@lynnesbian I knew I'd get cancelled eventually, but I didn't think it would be this. I'm sort of glad? =p

@Shrigglepuss @lynnesbian

They don't work! We gotta' do everything for them and then they get all the press!

@Shrigglepuss I'm left handed and happy to talk about my troubles writing with pencils and cutting with scissors #LeftMastodon

@tdorey @Shrigglepuss

If you're doing paper crafts, forget the scissors. Swivel knives are where it's at! πŸ‘


In staying and I'm left handed. Ish. Juggling has made my formerly left handed self a lot closer to ambidextrous.

@Shrigglepuss I'm amazed at how many fellow Fediversians are also left handed. Only time that has happened before was with adult helpers on a cub camp where turned out nearly all of us were lefties.

I was born into the right-handed majority but I support your efforts, Solidarity Comrades!

@Shrigglepuss oh my days

I was doing a surgical skills course and apparently the equipment can only be used right-handed

which, in short, hell yea

@Shrigglepuss :removes ink and pencil smudge from heel of left hand, raises it in a fist: represent!

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