I wish Gnome apps were more touchscreen friendly... You'd think it would be easy considering the nice big buttons and simple layouts and stuff, right? But has anyone here ever tried to use the default document viewer Evince purely touchscreen, for example? It's extremely :oh_no: =(

The swipe gestures to move backwards and forwards barely work and don't even exist in slideshow mode (that you can only go forwards in so you're fucked if you tap the screen by accident??), and for some reason they've removed the next/back page buttons from the top bar at some point because older 3.x screenshots have them in there, I had to check that I wasn't dreaming???

In fact, I'm not even sure how to exit slideshow mode using only a touch screen, you're trapped in it forever as far as I can tell

*Then* I tried to open up the help page for it, pressed the search button to type "touch" to see if I'm missing a trick... No keyboard popped up when I focused the text box so I tried to do the swipe up gesture from the bottom of the screen to make the keyboard appear, it changes focused window back to the full-screen document viewer behind it instead, and because of the way window switching works, there's no way to unfuck this so I basically can't even try to help myself???

Anyway, we're at least a million years away from the year of the Linux tablet

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@Shrigglepuss Buy me a Librem 5 dev board and I'll get to work right away ;)

@mjog Honestly I think Purism are gonna save touchscreen Gnome, not saw much interest elsewhere =(

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