Grandma, you really should compile your own operating system from scratch and secure everything against even the most complex attacks and stop using Facebook to talk to your family, you want freedom don't you?

@shrigglepuss Grandma would just unplug from all the nonsense.


I'm still pissed at my husband because on Sat. he huffed at me that not being on FB makes me *~*inaccessible*~* so my friends have every right to send *him* invites to things while ignoring my goddamn email which takes a whole 60 seconds to log onto and use just fucking kill me. >:

@Shrigglepuss of course if all her grandkids would have actually talked to her, instead of telling her to get FB maybe she wouldnt be in this pickle now

@Shrigglepuss look how hard is it to spin up a $5 linode instance, run your own mail server, and admin your own social media forum

@Shrigglepuss grandma, you don't understand, your wireless card has a binary blob that is non-free software! i'm sorry but i just can't let you use it.
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