I'm seeing a lack of pronouns in most of the new accounts' bios, so if you're new to the fediverse I'd like to politely ask that you consider adding them into your profile, it's important to normalise stating pronouns and it helps us all to respectfully address eachother properly xox

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@Shrigglepuss yeah; and, no need to say if you're cis or trans. It's about courtesy and how to refer to you, not the fine details of how you relate to the intersection of your particular set of genitals and society's rules and expectations thereof.

@Shrigglepuss Shriiiigggg... I donโ€™t see them in your bio

@kirstyyarr That's really strange, they're in there but I can't see your toots so maybe a syncing problem between our instances? Hopefully it all works again soon haha

@Shrigglepuss oh thatโ€™s weird! Maybe itโ€™s the rush of new users, but I would have thought that would affect bigger instances like mastodon.social instead of ours?

@kirstyyarr Maybe the smaller ones are struggling too, I dunno much about it but I presume there's more resources being used all over the place; might even be completely unrelated and just a bug =p

@Shrigglepuss @kirstyyarr Sometimes the little table thing on profiles doesn't show up on some apps, if that helps!

@scribblefrog @kirstyyarr ah ballssss I didn't know this, I always use the website >.< feel like I'm giving bad advice now, I'll change my profile when I get home x

@scribblefrog @kirstyyarr hope they get the table feature added in eventually, this could really impact a lot of how people interact with each other >.<

@Shrigglepuss not having or stating the lack of a preference should be perfectly acceptable.

@Jason_Dodd I asked politely that people consider it and gave a reason why, I never said that it wasn't acceptable to not do this

@Shrigglepuss I see. Perhaps I misread things, but I took this to mean that it's not chill now that you know:

"It's chill if you didn't know about this stuff until now, don't worry about it because now you know!"

@Jason_Dodd Oh right! This is a new concept to a lot of people and newcomers might be confused about why they're seeing it all over the place more on this social network so I thought I'd just put a little message out there tagged to the end of it to assure people that weren't doing this already but might consider it now they know more about not to feel belittled or anything for not knowing about it

@Shrigglepuss Gotcha. I was surprised the emphasis wasn't more on checking to see someone's preference before assuming them.

No worries though.

@anotheradventure Open the preferences, then under "edit profile" there's a section titled "Profile metadata", you can add them into there along with other things that are important to you =D

@Shrigglepuss thank you for this. I didn't have them because I honestly don't care.
But it isn't just about me.

Pronouns updated.

~ confusion on stuff, pronouns 

~ confusion on stuff, pronouns 

~ confusion on stuff, pronouns 

~ confusion on stuff, pronouns 

@Shrigglepuss Some people who've been marginalized for their gender before, or who just aren't out yet, might be uncomfortable putting pronouns, though. It should be encouraged, but not required.

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