If you're joining us from Tumblr, welcome! Take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the CW feature and adding annotations to your images, be sure to lurk for a bit to pick up examples if you're unsure, or ask other users if you feel they'd be receptive to that (I'm one of them! Feel free!). The fediverse is so amazing and vibrant and you'll love it here if you're not a shithead <3

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Oh yeah! And have a good rummage through the about pages for each instance you're considering joining before picking one! The way Mastodon works is that you can choose which little corner of the fediverse you live on and who runs it so be sure you choose the place you slot into best <3 (but you can always move later of course, it's fucking great tbf)

@kirstyyarr I think so, seeing a lot of different types of people popping up that we don't normally see on the federated timeline; hoping they all find their feet here and nestle in nicely =)

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