If any instances want to use this emoji let me know and I'll make it clearer and closer to the πŸ’― emoji and render it in a higher resolution 'cos this is just ridiculous and I wouldn't want to hand you anything other than perfect xoxo

Use this one if you're gonna be putting it in your instances, can send over the svg if anyone wants it too xox

Re-jigging the font and re-drawing some of the letters so it's clearer when it's tiny was a nice challenge for this evening's procrastination

@bryn @kelbesque Aaaah don't use this, let me neaten it up first if any instances want it =p

@bryn Well I mean like you could, an other one has already, but it's not Spot Onβ„’ with copying the πŸ’― style =)

@Shrigglepuss I don't have any emoji for being limy so here's a lemon one instead! :meb_lemon_happy_wink:
(generated by @mutantemojibot )

@socialskeleton I might make a neater one 'cos there's some interest in this it seems... Wanna hold off until that happens? xox

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