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Setting my desktop background to a transparent PNG so I can see through my screen

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Not to toot my own horn or anything but I got my bottom ribs removed

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No wonder the world is so angy when Microsoft Windows is the leading desktop operating system

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My supplier sent the wrong replacement DC jack for one of my repairs which is fantastic news because I get the night off now instead of slaving over a hot soldering iron woop woop

Setting up a wake on LAN alias on my laptop for bash to use for waking up my desktop PC so I can access files from it and stuff without having to move from wherever I am or faffing about looking for its MAC address is peak lazy and I'm here for it.
Getting up to press the power button on my PC? PFFFF

Don't forget to like comment and subscribe to the idea of YouTube getting in the bin

So when are we getting a Bladerunner film where the Bladerunner is named Capcha?

Treated myself to a new office chair. It's only a cheapy one but I have to tell you all it's well comfy compared to the old haggard one and my back is ~thankful~ for it

What's your company slogan? Mine is Here's Our Surprise: Slime in Your Eyes™

Getting messages from customers at 2am, must be some kind of record

This is maybe a *SUPER* odd request, but is there an archive of photos of offices/home office from the 80s/90s online somewhere? Preferably amateur photography but not for re-use or anything, more for moodboarding a thing I've got in mind >.>

Might start keeping a tally of the times people call me to say their emails aren't "showing up" and the solution has been to direct them to the Trash folder

Went for a callout and they had a a big soft fluffy ragdoll cat and it sat on my lap the entire time and oh my god everyone ~the beans~... Its paws were so bigg

Why are so many crowd funded things obsessed with "buy me a coffee"? Is coffee an alternative currency?

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