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Excuse me, do you have time to talk about our Lord and Xavier, Patrick Stewart

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Imagine if Twitter had a local timeline, it could be titled the "egg static"

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Update on #SQLite: per its creator, their Code of Conduct is not a parody and it's not mocking people who are asking for a Code of Conduct. They are 100% sincere in their belief that the Code of St. Benedict (which starts with the Ten Commandments) is an appropriate, inclusive Code of Conduct for a modern project.

(cc @InspectorCaracal )

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Imagine if Twitter had a local timeline, it could be titled the "egg static"

in-browser ansi stars (again w/xtermjs). this is pretty much all I ever wanted programming to be

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Just called Ghost and Tigger a pair of dribblygobs cos they get drooly sometimes and they're being cute sat nicely with each other. Now I'm going to start a career in writing children's books, here's the kickstarter:

I posted this toot from my PC with an Intel Celery processor, it's good for the environment and a nice light snack for lunch

no offence but if men on here could maybe refrain from shitposting about sexually assaulting women that would be grand

... But they all fly away because of course this wouldn't work, but I didn't listen. Suddenly, bees and ambulances everywhere. My career ruined

Drumroll, bees! *a curtain rises to unveil hundreds of bees with tiny little drums and drumsticks*

Spent the evening building a sik gaming rig for a neighbors son round their house and taught him what I was doing as I went along, the cable management was on fleek, wish I took photos =( I know I rag on gamers a lot but this kid is smart and polite and not a dickhead who's life revolves around it... Like, he was even asking questions about the LEDs cos he was concerned about his epelectic friend he wanted to invite over awww

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