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Tomorrow begins the Mermay and bevor that I painted a Costasiella Kuroshimae (leaf slug / leaf sheep). I came across it during my search for inspiration.

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Good enough to find the right side of the foil. But the chocolate is very uneven, tempering did not work well.

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I am Schroedi (she/her) from Germany and want to use my account to show what I do with my . I am a scientist and mother of two.
I like , ( , ), , , , . I don't have any , but please show me all the .

I have too many ideas and interests and far too little time.

Thor Trailer 

I was able to see the latest Thor trailer the other day and was very disappointed. He's now in Guardians of the Galaxy, which is colorful and fun. But: It's so terribly straight and un-queer. There's a comic about how Thor is a horse. But of course, every flirt, every look has to be completely straight. Maybe someone is allowed to tell that he has two mothers, that's all. I don't want to see something like that anymore.

This is a gift I made my brother for Christmas last year. I started practicing embroidery a few years ago and I still have lots to learn. I don't love how the fabric here gets tugged at the edges of the badges... But I'm still happy I got to make a cool Pokémon themed gift for him!

#FiberArt #Pokemon #Embroidery

"OK, children. Here are your differently dangerous scissors. You May cut all stems that are longer than the grass."

3 year old:" the instruction is crystal clear and I do exactly what you want."

@esc Ich höre den deutschen Beitrag zum ersten Mal und finde ihn gar nicht so schlecht.

Keiner braucht sich beschweren, dass die über Bananen singen - wir haben vor einigen Jahren über Nussecken und Himbeereis gesungen! #nor #esc #esc2022 @esc

@esc richtig umgehauen hat mich noch nichts, aber es gefällt mir schon deutlich besser als das zweite Semi-Finale.

Daher übrigens der momentane Papiermangel. Der Brandschutzbeauftragte hyperventiliert gerade.
#arm #esc @esc

@esc frankreich

instrumente die man sieht aber nicht hört: check

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"Warum wollen die einem Wolf eine Banane geben?!"
"Ich weiß es doch auch nicht."


Wie er den Ballon hielt und dieser Blick... fehlt nur noch ein Gulli 🤡 @esc #esc

Kind-Tanzbarometer: solide, zögerlich aber jetzt mit Gefühl

@esc Ich mag ja die Songs, die mit viel Wucht geschmettert werden. Aber die sind glaube ich schon länger out.

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