@kouett I know nothing about buildroot. What's about it?

Sig stop pressing random buttons when half asleep challenge

@SigmaOne I just had the idea of using the top eth port from the back of the router as the main cat ears support point

@Scarlet Actually, since it's already so tiny and cute, I think you should make it even cuter by adding cat ears on it

@SigmaOne :blobcat3c:

Now that I dug out my 3d printer, it's actually something I could do. Any design idea ?

@SigmaOne oh it's definitely cute. And the fact that it's as big as my student ID card, and smaller than a pi, makes it even cuter.

My router's not powerful enough to handle my fleet of devices and servers, so I'm stepping it up and learning about managing my own DHCP server, to take away some load from it.

Let's get learned :blabcat:

@haskal afaik it runs systemd, and since this thing's gonna have like 2 non-core daemons running but packing most of the RAM for image buffering (camera), I'd like to stay on openrc, which afaik isn't the default daemon manager

@haskal Hey, was wondering if you knew any very lightweight alpine-like linux distros, which would be compatible with a pi0w

Ugh, even with a proper installation, alpine kernel panics....

That means I'm gonna have to use a microSD card with alpine, and another microSD card (the target system card) as usb device

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NVM, it needed a fully operable boot system.

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