[Cw: Selfie / Eyes contact / Swimsuit]

It's the special beach episode y'all 🏖️☀️

You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

Imagine when the *forced* shitty code formatter doesn't even properly format anything.

@TerrorBite aliexpress, "paw socks"; you can also get gloves this way (see my media history to see paw gloves)

We spend a lot of time maintaining a collection of fermented vegetables.

Pickled some eggplant earlier week, tried it out tonight and it's delicious. It has passed the test, we'll make a bigger batch next time.


I have this dream, that when we have our shit together we can pickle enough food to get us through the winter.


@neauoire Would you manage to have enough space onboard to store food for *an entire winter*?

@War_Kittens still unable to find any decent android tablet... Yeah it sucks >>

long link to picture I hope this thing shortens it 

@SigmaOne Indeed, thanks a lot

@SigmaOne unable to see this link x.x

i hate that masto isn't able to access other toots from older instances using links

You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

I also love how, in Android, reduced motion accessibility settings are deep hidden in the developer options, which itself is a hidden menu.

Opened another issue to tell them "why the fuck are you making assumptions in my stead morons".


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Why do techbros always think that their ideas are the best in the world and that every form of customizability is inherently shit...

I love it when there is a default forced formatter that makes stupidly restrictive opinionated decisions.

I love it when the only official plugin in a serious IDE forces it enabled, overriding the IDE's formatter, and the editorconfig settings.

I love it when every issue ends up with the developers saying "fuck you, your own needs are stupid we're better than you".


Fuck techbros.

@Ambraven le débit d'un lien CPL est, de souvenir, entre autres lié à la quantité de perturbations sur la ligne.

Plus t'as d'appareils avec des signatures électriques foireuses et/ou random, plus t'as de chances d'avoir des pertes de paquets, donc un débit de merde.

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