My router's not powerful enough to handle my fleet of devices and servers, so I'm stepping it up and learning about managing my own DHCP server, to take away some load from it.

Let's get learned :blabcat:

I don't know why, but on startup, firefox is literally sitting with no tab loading for more than 10 minutes... On every fucking boot.

And it's getting more and more annoying, especially considering I haven't been able to find any decent alternative browser.

Successfully managed to model 3D objects for my 3D printer using FreeCAD o/

Goodbye, and good riddance, Autodesk!

Finally found a low-air-flow spot to set up my 3D printer again! :blobcat:

Yeah, ansible, tell me.

Is there *really* a more recent documentation than the *LATEST* documentation?

Removed a few techbro-era stickers on my laptop, to give more space for queer-anar ones :blabcat:

nsfw, laptop bag 

My laptop bag came in the mail!

Dug out my pebble time 2, it rocks that some people decided to work on keeping the project alive. New cool watchface too!

ffxiv, lewd shitpost 

Everything's a dildo if you're brave enough

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