Imagine when the *forced* shitty code formatter doesn't even properly format anything.

You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

I also love how, in Android, reduced motion accessibility settings are deep hidden in the developer options, which itself is a hidden menu.

Thank you Slack for removing even more usable space from the UI.

Seriously, why so much empty space and useless features ? That "channel conf call" button could've been put on the top-right corner, like in direct calls for DMs...

It's now been half a month since I started monitoring my servers again! :blobcat:

Today, I found a stray cacti plant on the road while going home.

Today was a good day.

Still without any CSS, but I got the commit and commit-group display working well!

Instead of working on the commit list / history / diff display, I started by instead working on the ref list, after which I'm gonna try to move to the object exploration pages (ie to be able to display the file tree / a single file at a given ref in time).

No style at all for now because it's not needed, but I already kinda know where I'm gonna go for.

The default branch sits on top of the branch list, every other branch being alphabetically sorted; Tags are sorted by descending commit date.

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