Wanted to do some light client-only tools on my personal blog, but didnt want to dig out the ol' vue/react/whatever else, and didn't have the energy to do it in basic js only.

Trying my hand at Elm, it seems a bit straining to start on, but fun.

@Scarlet it may be too late at this point, but every dev I have met who chose elm did regret it after a time except one.

@bootie_fringe honestly its for small tools and such and it looks okayish for that, but i dont know of any strong-typed language that would be fit for small "web apps" and compile in js without a runtime that heavy.
also the vscode tools are working well, which is unusual for this kind of niche language

@Scarlet ppl I met who actually liked elm told me that the only thing it may be good for is to write some kind of game, not normal stuff.

well, you have been warned.

@bootie_fringe yeah but like,, is there any alternative ?
that isn't js

@Scarlet depends on what you are trying to do ig

(care to elaborate a tiny bit?)

@bootie_fringe random small tools. Barcode thingies, calculators, decoders, etc

@bootie_fringe nope, not dealing with vue and whatnot tooling bullshit, i already have enough of that at work (which i think i also mentioned in the original post)


@bootie_fringe ts is nice in itself but the amount of stupid work i have to do to have a single base project relatively decently working is just... No. I want to have simple tools and simple things to dev, not spend more time installing it than coding with it

@Scarlet if you want “simple”, why do frontend development at all though? the amount of bullshit work elm is forcing upon developers was so much that I once made a static form web page at work since it was so much easier than making elm do what I needed back then

@bootie_fringe this is getting way out of scope from the original topic, but the answer is simple:
i don't want a backend, this is a static website
i don't want to dev shitty cli tools
i don't want to dev using shitty GUI SDKs
i don't want to bring a thousand MBs and dependencies for a few functions

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