You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

@Scarlet As a hacker or something, I am having serious trouble figuring out anything to 1up that

Best I can do is my rainbow socks

@SigmaOne unable to see this link x.x

i hate that masto isn't able to access other toots from older instances using links

long link to picture I hope this thing shortens it 

@SigmaOne Indeed, thanks a lot

@TerrorBite aliexpress, "paw socks"; you can also get gloves this way (see my media history to see paw gloves)

@Scarlet I will have to try to remember to pick some up sometime. :3c

@Scarlet are those ToeBeanies? mine should be here Any Day Now 🤞

@vyr those have squishy toe beans but i don't know if "ToeBeanies" refers to any specific brand/model, in which case mine aren't

@Scarlet it's a brand yeah, or at least a kickstarter. but the important part is the squishy toe beans

@vyr squishy toe beans very important *nod nod*

mind sending me the link dm? :blobcatpeek:

@Scarlet allegedly the originals, but i didn't hear about them until a friend linked me the Kickstarter, so not in a position to confirm or deny

@Scarlet i didn't know they made gloves until this comment! dang. i have paw pad fingerless gloves, but the pads are 2D pleather and the sizing sucks. maybe someday i'll upgrade

@vyr same about the sizing, mine end up pinching my thumbs. I hope to upgrade too

@vyr @Scarlet I've been aware of Toebeanies for a while, as in I've tried and failed multiple times to get a pair or two when they drop new stock. :)

@LeDiva @Scarlet from what i've read, it seems like they were literally handmade in somebody's kitchen until the kickstarter, so that's not surprising, but gotta be frustrating. good luck next time 💜

@LeDiva @Scarlet nice nice. can't wait for the outbreak of beanposting as everybody who's been waiting gets beaned 😎

@Scarlet Oh!

So there's specific kind of socks for specific skill set. I knew programming socks but sysadmin socks is a new one.

I wonder what kind of socks level 1 technicien wear but I'm afraid of what the answer may be.
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