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Est-ce que nonore c'est la reine des patates ?

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A small thing that annoys me is FOSS projects claiming fairness and equality, putting their website under a .io domain.

I may've ranted a thousand times about the irony of this, but it still pisses me off so much...

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You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

A dying basil leaf fell into the succulents pot a whiiile ago.
Today, I found... A small but healthy basil plant growing fiercely :blobaww:

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Un serveur de l'AP-HP qui contenait des résultats de tests covid a été hacké.

"Cette violation concerne vos données d’identité (nom, prénom, date de naissance, sexe), votre numéro de sécurité sociale, vos données de contact (adresse postale, téléphone et adresse électronique, lorsque renseignés lors de votre test), ainsi que les données relatives au test de dépistage que vous avez effectué l’année dernière, et notamment son résultat."

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Done with the PR :blobcat:

I hope that I did a good-enough work for it to be merged and deployed soon, because I have *SO MANY* stories to add to my feed reader.

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Working on RSS feeds for Read Only Mind! :blobcat:

I only have to finish polishing the content embedding, and once it'll be done, I'll have a draft ready!

San Francisco Pride monitors attempted to expel the first organized SM contingent (Soc. of Janus) in 1978, and moved to ban attendees from even wearing leather *clothing* at Pride in 1979. Lesbian S/M group group Samois successfully fought that ban.

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The police woman who was, I'm guessing here, supposed to offer me support, entered my apartment without asking or anything (the men took my partner out of the apartment, he had 2 bruises to show for it)

I'll never forget that. The noise when they knocked, the fact the police woman told me to "maybe don't be on your balcony next time" the nerve of the bitch! I was trying to hurt myself, crying like crazy, wishing I was dead She wanted me to be polite about it


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As someone who got the cops called on me and my partner (a man, doesn't help the situation) because a neighbor thought there was domestic violence when I was actually in a psychological crisis and my partner was protecting me from myself.
I couldn't agree more

Even if I had been in trouble, I'm not sure they would have made me feel better or safe

They were immediately scary and aggressive toward my partner. Didn't take any measure to assess the situation


Infants, toddlers, kids and teenagers have been marching in and attending Pride since its inception in 1970. SF Pride started offering childcare in 1978. The first kids to be exposed to kinksters at Pride were literally boomers.

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From at least the 1970s through the mid-1990s leather, drag, and trans people were commonly lumped together as forms of sexual deviance which hurt the cause of lesbian and gay rights--both by religious conservatives and by more normative gay people.

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During the Lesbian Sex Wars, anti-porn feminists developed a critique of BDSM as fundamentally degrading to women and inimical to lesbian feminism. That rhetorical framework provided a powerful tool for conservatives who moved to censor SM and queer art.

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I'm so fucking gay for the forgiven obscenity.

She is... :blobcatblush: :blobcatblush: :blobcatblush:

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I genuinely wish there was a civil service that does what naive people think the police does. (Given that we need to throw out the entire concept of "criminal" to begin with.)
Where one could call for help to deescalate a fight, and actually take care of the people involved. Somewhere where people in crisis could get help (again without being criminalized.) Someone external to help settle disputed and help mediate solutions.
But police never help; they always do the opposite.

"Les balles sont bullet proof"
-Kim circa 2021

She flopped down on the bed, despairing.

"Nothing looks goooood… what the hell am I going to wear?"

"Mistress, with all respect, the time to worry about your wardrobe for this party was two months ago," her sub said, as she re-hung an armful of rejected jackets in the closet.

"I didn't know it was happening two months ago!"

"And the *best* time was two years ago."

She rolled over to eye her sub.

"Pet, we weren't even dating two years ago, let alone," she waved an arm at their bedroom, the prints of women artfully bound and kneeling, the row of hooks holding riding crops and bits of harness, "this."

"Mistress, did you have all these wonderful things ready to go the first time you brought me home?"

"Of course not! I got this stuff as we went along and figured out what we liked… oh."

"Look on the bright side, Mistress: you'll certainly be ready for the next one."

"But we're still going to *this* one," she said in a tone that made her will clear.

"Yes, Mistress," her sub said obediently, and then, "I have some ideas."


"Nope. No way."

"Please let me serve you this way, Mistress. We're nearly the same size."

"And totally different styles."

"Not an unbridgeable gap."

"Plus I'd be leaving you short."


"Don't pout. In fact, wipe that expression off your face, and kneel for me."

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Better. I think you'll find this position improves your attitude. With that in mind, perhaps you'd care to recite whatever impertinence you had in mind just now." She took a crop from the wall, lifted her sub's chin with it. "Proceed."

Her sub's eyes were wide and her breathing fast, but the girl proceeded as ordered:

"Mistress, you might want to look good for this thing, even if it's not quite what you had in mind. You will enjoy yourself more if you try."

"Look, I know you've got your whole style thing figured out, and I like it, but I can't dress like an off-duty decker. It's just not *my* thing. I'm not a hundred percent sure what my thing is, yet, but it's not so much that."

"I know we're not the same person, Mistress, and I wouldn't want it that way, and I've figured for it: I have some things that may be more to your taste. This may shock you, Mistress, but I had a," she gulped, "lacy phase."

"You did *not*."

"Some might even accuse me of having been a smidge vampiric."

"I cannot *imagine* this. Who am I even dating?"

"Your loyal servant in all things, Mistress." A ritual phrase, accompanied by a low bow reinforcing her sub's obeisance.

"My loyal servant in all things." The ritual response. She felt a brief frisson of pride at how well this one had stuck.

"Please allow this servant to dress you."


Three outfits later, "Ufff. I still don't know. Honestly?"

"Yes, Mistress? Not the leather pants, then? I rather like them on you."

"No, the leather pants are fine, it's just… ugh. You've got this whole thing down and I don't. You always look *so* good, and I'm already borrowing stuff that looks better on you. I worry that, together, we're going to look like a cyberpunk hottie and the awkward goth kid she has to babysit."

She sat heavily on the bed. Her borrowed pants creaked. Her lacy top rustled. Her corset just felt weird all over. She looked into the bedroom mirror and saw an uncomfortable stranger.

"I just wanna take all this stuff off and wear black jeans and a T-shirt."

Her sub knelt at her feet and laid her head in her lap.

"Taking liberties, are we, pet?"

"Does this displease you, Mistress?"

"You know you're cute when you do this. I'll allow it. This time."

"Mistress," her sub said, looking up at her, "do you remember what you were wearing the first time we met? When Leah introduced us?"

"Not really, no. I remember it was board games and barbecue night…"

"I do. I remember you were wearing that one jean jacket with the patches, and a tank top, and ripped leggings. It looked, well, I'm sure it was comfortable, Mistress, let me put it that way. But I wasn't impressed. Then you actually started talking, and after a minute or two, I was already thinking that I wanted you to take me home and do stuff to me."

"So… my clothes are fine?"

"*No*, Mistress. Because I want *everyone* to want you to take them home and do stuff to them, without you even having to talk. That's what clothes are for. And Mistress…"


"I wouldn't outshine you. I wouldn't want to, and I won't let it happen. Think of me as your last and most impressive accessory. They will know who you are and what you can do, and so will you, because you are wearing these clothes, but most of all because *you will be holding my chain*."

She opened her mouth, and closed it as her brain caught up. Her sub was pushing her buttons, dammit, but she knew which ones to push.

"Well now. Holding your chain, hmm? Of course I'll be holding your chain. It sounds like you do know your place after all, pet."

She wound her fingers into the girl's hair.

"Yes, Mistress!"

"All right, then. I suppose it's my duty to keep a wayward thing like you in line, and I'll have to dress the part."

"Thank you, Mistress. Look, if you really hate it, we'll go home, okay…"

"*I* decide when we go home, pet."

"Seems like the outfit's already working, Mistress."

"Was that more impertinence, my servant?" she growled happily.

"I don't know, why don't you come down here and _mmph mrph_…"

They were almost late to the party. □

À gros traits, quand je suis salarié, mon temps de cerveau et mon corps sont subordonné à et vont dans la direction de l'entreprise... et donc je n'ai pas le temps de créer mon activité

Quand je suis locataire, mon argent va au propriétaire... et donc je ne peut pas économiser pour devenir à mon tour propriétaire

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Je pense qu'il y a 2 contrats qui maintiennent et empirent certaines relations de pouvoir structurelles dans notre société : le contrat de location (logement) et le contrat de travail (salariat subordonné)

Ces contrats sont des choses assez différentes et j'ai eu une illumination sur ce qui les rassemble : dans les 2 cas, une personne propriétaire exploite une personne non-propriétaire d'une manière qui rend très difficile qu'elle devienne propriétaire

a real power move is to begin every email with 'as per my last email'

En vrai ce poll est foiré, il y a une option "Pas d'avis"

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