Working on Intertextual, adding the source code link in the about page.

I needed a while to understand that the rust compiler error didn't come from the source code itself, but rather from the HTML template being broken.

I mean, it's very awesome that Askama can compile HTML templates at compile-time, but it got me confused for a while.

It seems like discord devs don't really have a hang of... bigger screens.

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Apparently, it only seems to crash on images larger than 1080p.

Just like streaming a 1080p webcam source as non-nitro user.

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Ok, so apparently now, copying image through the clipboard crashes discord.

Nice piece of shit.

Huge winds yesterday and today, so we opened everything to have as much wind as possible through the aptmt.
Sir dying from it, meanwhile I'm feeling the dream.

I guess we know who will avoid sailing with me now :blobcat3c:

And I fucked up my arch EFISTUB entry trying to add proper acpi support for backlight. Welp, let's restart on a live usb and try to fix that

Listening to the same song for the 500th time since yesterday, again.

It wrecks my feelings to the point of crying every time, and yet I want to play it again right after.

Is this madness?

lewd, foss 

Oh, pretty cool, I wanted ReadOnlyMind to have a RSS feed and after a bit of email back-and-forth, I discovered that they're open source :blobcat: (and developed in rust, so cool)

I guess I have something to do to seriously learn rust then!

Gonna try spotifyd instead of the "official" spotify client. Maybe it'll actually properly handle window management and all, since it's a daemon.

I wish I could use spotify on linux without having to touch this shit called Snap, or deal with unstable alternative clients...

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