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You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

Hurray, now starting android emulator completely kills the PulseAudio sound, so no more music.

neg--, heat, fuck summer 

I deeply hate summer, and I deeply hate landlords for not putting up AC here.

It's really a shit feeling to already have trouble managing my days, but being paralyzed from doing anything for *at least* 20 hours every day because of the heat.

FR, Armement policier, données techniques ; à propos d'une polémique 

Un certain nombre de gens commencent à exciter au sujet cette grenades fumigène que la BRAV-M a lancée à Paris lors de la manif du 24.07.21. Mais c'est pas franchement un évènement, bien que son utilisation questionne et soit inhabituelle.

Les marquages d'abord.

01 SAE 19
[code couleur de la fumée en rouge, donc fumi rouge]
Grenade à Main Fumigène Coloré F5
1er lot, entreprise SAE Alsetex Lacroix, 2019

C'est une grenade à fumigène coloré, d'habitude plutôt employée par les armées ou des sections de police spécialisées pour marquer des points ou des zones à appuyer, à marquer de manière générale.

Les flics de maintien de l'ordre emploient parfois des grenades fumigènes.

Il y a les grenades FAR, pour Fumigène Action Rapide, permettant de cacher un repli, un déplacement, une préparation etc. (de marque SAE)

Il y a les grenades FUM, pour Fumigène, produites par Nobel Sport (avec ecrit PB sur la grenade), avec un scotch bleu.
Celle-ci servent à faite croire à la presence de lacry, et sont plutôt des grenades d'entraînement. Contrairement aux grenades fumigènes produites par SAE, elles contiennent des galets semblables aux galets lacrymogène des autres grenades Nobel Sport (PB), mais ici remplis simplement du fumi.

Et il y a donc aussi cette série de grenades à fumigènes colorés, dont l'utilisation semble se rapprocher des grenades FAR.

Congratulations to those in São Paulo who burned the statue of Borba Gato, a 17th-century perpetrator of colonial violence.

To quote our comrades in Brazil, "If monuments still honor slavers and rapists, it is because the system they built is still standing." Let's take it down.

non-binary HRT, looking for resources, boosts welcome 

Does anyone have good resources for folks who are interested in HRT but seeking a middle ground rather than a full transition to being perceived as the opposite binary gender? Located in Washington state if you have anything regionally specific.

[Cw: Selfie / Eyes contact / Swimsuit]

It's the special beach episode y'all 🏖️☀️

You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

Imagine when the *forced* shitty code formatter doesn't even properly format anything.

We spend a lot of time maintaining a collection of fermented vegetables.

Pickled some eggplant earlier week, tried it out tonight and it's delicious. It has passed the test, we'll make a bigger batch next time.


I have this dream, that when we have our shit together we can pickle enough food to get us through the winter.


You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

I also love how, in Android, reduced motion accessibility settings are deep hidden in the developer options, which itself is a hidden menu.

Opened another issue to tell them "why the fuck are you making assumptions in my stead morons".

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Why do techbros always think that their ideas are the best in the world and that every form of customizability is inherently shit...

I love it when there is a default forced formatter that makes stupidly restrictive opinionated decisions.

I love it when the only official plugin in a serious IDE forces it enabled, overriding the IDE's formatter, and the editorconfig settings.

I love it when every issue ends up with the developers saying "fuck you, your own needs are stupid we're better than you".

Fuck techbros.

Sex related 

Ouvrir une boîte échangiste à Juan les Pins, l'appeler Juan les Pines

Seriously, why is almost every tech project made by google something with complete usability nonsense...

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