fan theory: every picture of a blåhaj plushie you see online is the same plushie

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Thank you both, I did know about raco exe for windows targets, but didn't know how to properly structure and package them, especially since I'm using some racket-based dependencies.

I'm gonna try this, then!

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Anyone has any documentation / blog article on how to properly package/manage a racket executable project ?

(possibly with how to properly deploy and install it too, which I guess will go through raco pkg)

cc @haskal

Il est recommandé de ne pas donner son numéro de téléphone au Pôle Emploi, qui peut s’en servir pour mettre la pression, envoyer des SMS n’importe quand, voire tenter des entretiens téléphoniques, plus anxiogènes et intrusifs que les entretiens en agence.


Finally managed to implement my firefox bookmark export flattener to get everything going.
Did it in full racket, it was much more compact than expected.

Now, I'm working towards removing common tracking values from the URLs' query strings.

En réaction l'inévitable extrême droite locale ressort un discours réactionnaire comme à son habitude.

Pour rappel, ce sont ces mêmes groupuscules qui ont attaqué physiquement les occupant-es des Tanneurs 1 an et demi auparavant (revendiqué par la Cocarde + UDET)

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it's fucked up that office space costs less to rent than living space

the reason to get rich is so that you can redistribute that money to other people and improve lives.

like. you set aside a tiny amount so u can like. get a house and not have to pay landlords or whatever. food bills n essentials

then you give it to people in the form of community housing (buying up blocks of flats and giving them away to the community with a fund for upkeep, specifically making housing accessible for homeless people), legal aid (make terf go away), establishing medical funds and food funds and education things so the people in the community can have enough funds to educate the rest of the community in how to be self-sustaining in some aspects

Je réfléchis à mettre un contrôle parental pour interdire à nonore de browse etsy de 21h à 6h :blobcat3c:

Je me demande s’il y aurait un intérêt quelconque à référencer mon article à propos du portage de Wallpaper Finer en Qt5 sur le Journal du hacker…

Oui, je sais, syndrôme de l’imposteur, toussa.

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