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our ancestors used to use every letter of the character limit it was the most efficient use of the bytes now today we have so many it's like we've forgotten where we came from

So far, I see lots of folks who talk about this site as superior to Twitter aka Birdsite, but I desperately miss the level of political commentary and minority voices over here. If anybody on here is a POC or serving up some good political hot takes, please direct me their way.

So bizarre to search for topics like and see zero hits. I feel like I stumbled onto social media circa 2003.

Do tooters care about Shit-town as much as the rest of the internet? I just need to process all these feelings with other people 😭

My child's gender reveal will just be a box full of multicolored balloons that say "GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT".

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DONT :clap: JOIN :clap: MASTODON :clap: UNLESS :clap: YOU'VE :clap: RIDDEN :clap: ONE


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