@Samizdata @mike Not sure if the Federation is Night City or Walled City or footage:fetish:forum or The Chinese Server but either way it is very Gibsonian

Well, as much fun as I have had with all you lovely Mastodonians, I need to bail.

@Elizafox and @sungo You two hang tough and I am sure I will be background processing about you all today.

@TheAdmin What's the policy on inactive accounts on this instance?

I assume after the recent surge of newcomers some will stop using it possibly taking up usernames people would like to have themselves.

@natecull I'm thinking of using it in education. I'm not that tech-savvy myself, so I would need to get help from someone at the ICT-department of my school.

@Samizdata @sungo I'm glad to say I'm feeling like a new person since about last week. I'm starting to feel better. I'm feeling motivated and more inclined to engage with others. Which is a good thing! I was socially isolating myself for too long.

Finally realized what Mastodon makes me think off. Remember in all those cheesy 80's/90''s books and Shadowrun novels how the hackers had their own secret online hangouts normal people couldn't get to?

Good morning. Today I should hear about a narration job. The first work I've found since being made redundant 2 months ago.

What's your #forbesona folks? Do please share.. lol :laughing::pineapple:

@sungo I just went into the stock trading business. Because it's easier and less ulcer-inducing. Plus it's easier to keep up with the markets than the latest hip programming language. mst3k.interlinked.me/media/P46

So here's an example Mastodon application. I'm at our local church's neighbourhood event committee tonight. Our church building is shared by a community group and community garden and I really really want to have a Mastodon instance for one or all of these groups. As a more ethical alternative to Facebook which they use right now.

So much potential here!

This is a situation where collective or unified action, based on community impacts, comes into play.

If the consequences leak into real life -- relationships, employers, business relationships, gangs, politics, political unrest -- then you have a more significant problem for which simple solutions don't exist. But neither can Admin owners nor protocol developers wash their hands of them either. The committlog on this particular bug goes back about 6,000 years. Earlier records are lost.

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@Orwellia @Samizdata qualifies for my first "I followed this motherfucker for the name alone".

References and reshares mean that even if you block a source directly, indirect references to them in threads will still fill your space. If this presents a problem to you, then it's a problem which blocking alone cannot address (or at least not simple origin-based blocking -- a source-and-replies filter might). Some reshares might also leak through.

If you're blocking someone because they create shitstorms wherever they go, then at the margin your own blocking won't improve the situation.

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@Samizdata you have a fantastic username, and I love your toot about Whitman. I appreciate your wisdom :)

You know what I love most about this steady, formidable revolution? Its spark is written in Rails.

With time there'll likely be other, more efficient, faster, x-something #mastodon server implementations. But the origins of this federated bundle of joy will always be Rails.

And I love that. #rubylove ❤️

@mike Discovered Twitter, poked around there a bit on a psedonym, eventually set up an account there to promote my games writing stuff.  Posted around for a bit, fell semi afoul of censorous administration, and heard that GNU social was a thing.  I'd been on identi.ca before, but I didn't really realize that it was part of a federated network at a time and in retrospect I hear a lot of people say that.  But in any event GNU social was kind of a watershed moment for me in a way (am I using that term correctly?) in that I found some passion for programming again with it.  I got burnt pretty hard with some project drama in the past and said sod it, but the whole idea of the Fediverse captivated me.  And here I am a year later with my own fork of GNU social and a head full of ideas.  I hope I can implement even half of them.

Seeing toots and boosts propagate through the exploding network of federated instances is like watching the hyphae and filaments of some subterranean lifeform, threading mycoforms and fruiting bodies through the bare earth in a cascading birth of a brand-new ecosystem.

What I mean is, woohoo, I think my posts are going fungal.

If I program in Perl it's mostly to infuriate people who think you shouldn't use an "old" language.
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