So then, whilst my PC is slowly repairing itself by installing W10 on a new HD because yesterday's power-cut trashed my old boot drive, more about me:

Who am I? I'm not Spider Woman; sorry to disappoint.

I like my sci-fi, although these days I get most of my sci-fi via visual media, and I love fantasy, and I get most of that through reading (woohoo, Sanderson!)

I love Doctor Who (Loved 1, 2, 3, 4, was 'meh' about 5 until he started in on Jodie Whittaker now he's right on my shit-list... 1/?,


...actually liked the bipolar and intense nature of 6, loved 7 and thought he was really let down by the quality of the writing at the beginning, 8 is stunning despite the film, I know 9 can act so I can't work out why he phoned so much of his performance for Nu-Who, 10 OMG, 10 with Billie Piper, 10 with Freema Agyeman, 10 with Catherine Tate, 10 with Katherine Jenkins and most importantly, 10 with Kylie [catch me while I swoon; ah Kylie], loved the character and acting for 11, so much... 2/?

intensity and emotional honesty in the acting especially in the quiet moments, the War Doctor was the War Doctor and stunning, and 12, well 12 mostly underwhelmed me until his final series, because I had no connection to Clara at all. None. Did not give a fig, which has got to be a first for me and a companion. But 12s final series with Pearl Mackie was a delight because Pearl was so spot on as a companion. Fairly obviously, really looking forward to 13, although a bit worried about... 3/?

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...the casting decision of Bradley Walsh. Oh he can act, no question of that, but do you really need to bring a big name to cast an unneeded shadow when Jodie Whittaker is about to make history? I mean, seriously, that's not something they've ever felt they needed to do since the reboot).

What else is there. Liked B5 at the time. It's still good, but I don't think it's aged well given what's happening in the world now.


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...on the other hand - Farscape. Just the utter genius that is Farscape. A show that went, 'Let's take every sci-fi trope in the book, throw it at the storyline, but not hit the reset-switch at the end of an episode. And let's not be coy about the love stories. Front and centre please, with a lot of brutal honesty.' Best two depictions of a romance in sci-fi ever: Crichton and Aeryn Sun, seconded only by Crichton and D'Argo.

And Sense8 is, well, Sense8. So good I lack the words... 5/?

Show thread do it justice. Helps that I love Riley's accent. And Nomi, well damn but representation matters and fuck that is good to see. Doesn't hurt that Jamie Clayton is a bloody wonderful person as well.

Think I'll start a separate toot for fantasy.


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@SakuraNoSeirei You a fan of the Big Finish audios at all? Six and Eight in particular get the good stuff the show never gave them.


Yeah, I'm a big fan of the audios. It might as well be the body of work for the 8th Doctor, and it's so well done as well.

@SakuraNoSeirei Eight's episodes are kind of on and off, but I suppose that's consistent with the show in general. Six and Evelyn are probably my favourite Doctor Companion pairing and get some fantastically strong episodes to work with (at least as far as the stuff on Spotify goes. Haven't listened to much past that yet)

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