Hello everyone. Just to warn you, I'm new to this platform, and wildly flailing around until I can work out which flail does what.

Word of warning, I occasionally descend into Britishness, with all the weirdness that can entail...

Pip pip, tally ho, etc etc...

I will pass on the unlimited rice pudding though. Horrible stuff.

@SakuraNoSeirei Hey there, welcome to Mastodon! Here's your first 🍍 .
Kudos on the SVTFOE profile pic.

mmmmmm.... pretty much anything that's not a plain digestive, which I find entirely unsatisfying...

@SakuraNoSeirei It's entirely clear that "wildly flailing" isn't the default condition even for long term residents.

@SakuraNoSeirei translation: some of us have been here a while and are still randomly pushing buttons and yanking levers, trying to figure out just how this thing works. :-)

@SakuraNoSeirei o-oh gosh, your icon--!, so uh, do you happen to know if there's a 'fanon' name for girl-Marco? (It wouldn't just be 'Turdina,' I'm hoping)


I'm sorry, I'm really new to this so I'm not sure which pic is the icon. I'm guessing it's the square one next to my name, in which case I can offer only disappointment: It was posted elsewhere with no context to it, and I fell in love with the picture. It talks to me, and I'm planning on getting a tattoo of it. I just love the casualness of it; the arm drape, where the hand just ends up, and the fact that one girl is casually standing on the other girl's foot and neither care.

@SakuraNoSeirei oh!! Well I hope I'm not tarnishing your joy with context here, but that's Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz from the delightful American children's television cartoon "Star Vs. the Forces of Evil." I have now fallen down a Tumblr rabbit hole and found out there is evidence that what I'd dismissed as gender gags are intentional groundwork for the staff to portray Marco in canon as a trans girl, at least as far as Disney Channel will allow, and it's kind of blowing my mind right now??

@kelly Cool! Now I've got something new to watch. Thanks for infos, esp. about Disney. Blown my mind as well, and that hasn't happened since Nickelodeon and Korrasami.

@SakuraNoSeirei this is the show that got away with an on-screen same-sex kiss (in a crowd shot, but still) so I've gone ahead and set my hopes UNREASONABLY HIGH

@kelly and that's just boosted the show way up my 'To Watch' list to the number 2 position, so I'll see if I can start watching it tonight! (The number 1 spot is still being occupied by the Sense8 finale)

@SakuraNoSeirei enjoy, it's a romp! (As with most animated comedies, give it a while for it to find its footing.)

...wait, you mean the current final episode of Sense8, right? Don't tell me the finale leaked or I'll skive off RIGHT NOW

@kelly No the finale hasn't leaked, thank goodness. I am really looking forward to it though, and I've just started guiding my friend through the first episode, which was fun, if perhaps a little traumatising for him (we're both Whovians, so I'm not sure which shocked him more, seeing Martha Jones like that, or him seeing Jamie, looking at me side-eye, and me going, "I know! I wish my hair was like hers." 😀 )

@SakuraNoSeirei well I don't know Doctor Who but I CAN say I had an Intense Thing with someone who intentionally got her hair cut to resemble Riley which is part of the story of how I realized I was, y'know, Nomi

So hmm I'm not saying I tend to have unreasonably high expectations of entertainment, juuuuust that if new Sense8 content ends up changing my life there's past precedent there 😸


Always press the red 🅱️utton.

And make references to jorts. We like our jorts here.


Hi, and beware of that unlimited rice pudding (it's a very British thing, although getting more traction worldwide)

*Warning: Link does contain a Doctor Who scene ;)*

@SakuraNoSeirei Don't like rice pudding, eh?

Dashed poor show.

Next thing, you'll be saying you don't want a big hot helping of raisin sponge.


Ah, there's nothing like a bit of spotted dick. And by and large dick just doesn't feature in my life goals...😉

@SakuraNoSeirei Dick isn't really a goal worth having. The internet has so many it should be paying people to take them away.

@SakuraNoSeirei You seem to be catching on well so far? Enjoy the federated timeline, I don't think there's another feature in social media platforms quite like it.

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