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if only these problems were apparent years ago and if only somebody had offered an alternative solution and if only that solution hadn't been rejected out of hand.


I need a device for chess that fires a nerf dart at me every time I make a move without scanning the whole board first. I'd soon learn.

Friendly reminder from your neighbourhood software architect that OSes are like corporations.

They are not your friends. They don't have feelings. They won't be there when you need them. They don't need you to defend their honour.

Your ego is too valuable to be investing it in software branding, or any other 'thing' that isn't *you*:

Love, a <list of things that are just software> contributor

i have crafted the worlds worst spaced flowchart for your convenience. to aid u in trying times

The holidays are coming so just as a reminder

❗Don't Donate
to the Salvation army❗

They are anti-LGBT scum

Searching for Queen's Gambit brings up:

The Queen's Gambit (miniseries) - Wikipedia


Queen's Gambit - Wikipedia

and the first page doesn't even have a link to the second.

As a concerned chess player I... 1/56 review be like:

YOU MADE A MISTAKE LOSER. You should have sacked your Queen for a Knight so that 5 turns later you could get this really awkward and complicated checkmate on the other side of the board! YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHESS PLAYER?!

ⓘ This post can not be copied due to legal restrictions.

I hate VPN ads

'when you surf the internet eeeeeverybody can spy on you'
https has entered the room

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