We exist because unnamed stars exploded countless millennia ago. There are an unknown chain of events all leading up to this moment. Anyway, yes make it a large.

Potential life like ours on earth could potentially be 2000 light years away. That means going the speed of light, it would take two thousand years to get here. Imagine being able to pull that off, getting here and finding out we’re basically primates that that fight over paper.

If you don’t think you’ll be effected by all this, you’re not factoring in that nature is very creative.


It’s going to get way worse and it may never get better, we must be prepared for this outcome.


We have to be ready to accept that this grand experiment fails. And that’s ok. What we have to worry about is being consumed by it.

don't bother reading 

we are at a very dark point in history and theres a good chance that we won't make it out of this. I feel that needs to be said. I don't like lying to myself to kick the can down the road.

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