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Richard Ermen @Richard_ermen

BTW, the SNES Mini has been announced. So, think I´ll take the official title of Coffee-Cup-Diviner from now on.

Hmm. Since Baldur´s Gate is on hold until I can fix the file corruption, I´m currently considering doing Policenauts next. But I´m undecided. 🤔
Any opinions on that?

With Baldur´s Gate Trilogy still out of order, we´re continuing to shoot all the mans in STRIFE Veteran´s Edition (1996) at
Join me, it´s fun 😉

Well, damn. Apparently something in my BaldursGateTrilogy-folder is shot to all seven hells, because no matter what I do, the game crashes during the final encounter of the first game. The dramatic encounter with Sarevok. And it´s indicative of even bigger problems below. So I´ll have to re-install and carefully examine for possible savegame compatibility. Problem is, that´s going to take time. I´ll have to abandon playing the
Baldur´s Gate Saga for now :(

Weith Sarevok awaiting us in the city proper, we´re meanwhile coasting alongside the expansion-pack content of the Tales of the Sword Coast in Baldur´s Gate Trilogy at
Join me, it´s fun 😉

@bradlibum A good fan survives all times of drought ;)

Tonight we return to where it all began...Candlekeep, only in Baldur´s Gate Trilogy! Join me, in one of gaming´s greatest fantasy sagas at

@Canageek I think the problem is with some of the basic idea content. Supposedly, while Eclipse Phase can be great fun, it´s also incredibly indie and remains less-well marketed to possible players. Also because the ideas aren´t well-toned to introduce people to roleplaying, and the existing demographics don´t cater too much to those things you mentioned ;)

@drwho Only the old Delta Green-as-sourcebook for CoC, sorry.

If you don´t have to overdo it, keep the amount of deaths short and sweet, it can be a great experience to have and quite fun to watch. It can become frustrating indeed. I suppose, the fact that you usually pre-record and can edit afterwards takes out a lot of the problems that turn up with these games. I say, sure, go for it, it´s your decision ;)

@bradlibum That depends. The former is your basic Internet game reviewer, not unlike what JimSterling dies in his Jimpressions? The latter depends in how amusing it ist to watch and whether the reviewer is undercutting his own arguments during the Video ;)

It's 30+ Celsius in the Office, everyone's sweating....argh, some nice cool air'd be nice.

'sigh' First day of my internship in hopes of getting this job. Did doze for about an hour, somehow couldn´t sleep at all due to anxiety. Damnit! This is not going to be a fun first day at the new company...😶

Whatever dark mystery is hiding behind the Iron Throne? Find out at, only in Baldur´s Gate Trilogy!

Shortly before midnight, listening to OSTs while preparing tomorrows session of Mountains of Madness. There´s a fire burning inside their transport ship and signs to be seen.

@bradlibum Amusingly, the official english translation is "computer science expert" but basically it´s going to be programmer for web and desktop applications.

@bradlibum I did, and it went well. In fact, I´m going to start on mondey, though with an internship first to test the waters until the end of july, at which time they´ll decide of they are offering me the full-time-job or not.

We´ve finally taken care of business and will soon enter the Cloakwood mindes, to be free of the bandit danger once and for al, only in Baldur´s Gate Trilogy! Join me at for a nice stream of fun hack, slay and adventure ;)

@GlitchThief Tell me if you find it, I could get some good mileage out of that one.