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Richard Ermen

NMS is dying fps-wise, so of course I´ll have to change the game to something more ....well...playable. So Tower of Guns it is.

We continue our skyward-exploration looking for the eponymous No Man owning all this stuff at

Motivation to stream a game is missing, so it´s creative writing instead. We continue writing Gates of Gehenna, my homebrew grimdark Tabletop RPG.

Suprisingly enough, my Nr.1 is more of a surprise even for me this week. It´s the MacBeth Movie Soundtrack for the Fassbender-Version from late ´15/Early ´16, which basically exhilarated and gripped me from the first few moments. Utter delight, and with barely over one hour, also unendingly short. If you haven´t heard it, definitely give it a listen.
Now, next I´ll have to get that movie somehow...

Nr.2 is the official Taboo Series 1 Soundtrack. If you haven´t watched Tom Hardy play this 19th century british strongman from the depths of Africa returned alive to fight the East India Company in London at the most volatile of times, you haven´t heard what is a great and very ambient collection of music. It´s sweeping, heavy and incredibly moody.

On Top 3, Nr.3 is Blade Runner 2049. I really like Zimmer´s work and despite it sounding very blaring, there´s the hint of Novalis inside. Also it fits the revamped darker tone perfectly.

So....because I´m a person all for , my top three of music of the week. All ambient/background music, but all three great to listen to, especially during long coding hours ;)

Apparently there´s an " " thingy, so sure, I´ll jump on that bandwagon.
I´m "Richard" (him/he), a white european middle-class atheist in his early thirties. I´ve gone to law school (or better, the german equivalent of it) and flunked hard, which means I´ve worked the odd jobs ever since, picking up a wide array of skills. I read, write, and even program, from short stories novels to applications, heck, I translated for a year inbetween. Also I´m socially anxious. Hello.

Tonight we´re creative, with code and programming in c#. Let´s make an app!
Only at
Join me, it´s going to be fun ;)

Let´s continue our exploration of skies in where we explore mode, only at

We continue our playthrough of with fulminant ! at

Yay, Nioh is coming to PC. Sweet!
Only have to wait until November. Time to look for a time capsule!

Starting a bit early tonight for a healthy dose of shootymans in ! Let´s go craaazy! at
Join me, it´s fun ;)

Wow. RUINER is intense as eff! I really really like what I played so far!

Having finished the ks-demo, we next journey into . Only at

Tonight is a double feature, kicking off with @sellingsunlight, on . Let´s help them, here on

The adventure continues, as we explore alien skies and distant suns...only at
Join me, won´t you? ;)

There are few things as relaxing on an off-day as a foot bath. Sweet sweet release...

We attempt another sojourn through the long sky of tomorrow in No Man´s Sky at
Join me, it´s bound to be interesting ;)

Hmm. Considering how long it´s been, It seems to me that the number of people signing up every day for Mastodon has slowed down considerably, hasn´t it?