Rant: GER Gov "300€ Payout", Taxes 

So the current german government has decided to give every citizen a single one-off payment of about 300€ to help with the energy and living cost crisis they've finally acknowledged. But they've also secretly delayed pay-out as well as takinga bout 1/3 to 1/2 of what they pay back as taxes immediately. What kind of tax scheme is this where I'm being given money I'm immediately fined again?!

This RPG sounds kinda fun, and is available in the current Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds that is going on, or in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality from 2 years ago:


I figured out the collective name for a Karen (if you don't know what a collective name is it's when you go "A murder of ravens" instead of "a group")

"A committee of Karens"

That moment when you attempt to register a mastercard credit card as you'd normally do and your payment processor requires you to use their new and "totally secure phone app" to complete the registration.....my dudes, I worked in IT security. Nothing about that shit it secure. FFS.

Hmmm. Just tried the mastodon app for android and its not using the federated timeline. Which kind of makes the entire discovery aspect of the fediverse for me. Guess its a no-app zone for me then =|

Ahhh yes....an old wooden chair with a "microphone holder". 🙈 💦

“You must be informed!” has become something of a cultish article of faith

Yes, there are things about which it is wise to stay informed. It is not necessary to be informed about everything the media wants to report to you. I promise it is ok to have filters and to take breaks. Almost nothing important, aside from true emergencies, requires you to know the moment it happens

*sigh* OnlineDating Scam Woes 

Last night I finally discovered that a contact I was chatting with after matching on Hinge and that had a few warning signs but let's face it, I've been single for a looooong time, was actually a scam account after telling me their camera was blocked and required an iTunes gift card to unlock....
Good to know the truth, but man, that's shitty -_-

Sometimes, when writing descriptions for tabletop rpgs I feel like I'm going overboard...until I remember that places like the white tempel shown below actually exist in real life.

It's been almost 4 years since last I looked into . Unsure if I'm suprised it's still there or that little seems to ahve happened since then 🤔 😅

Finally back from my vacation. One week of sailing all across the baltic sea with friends on a traditional sailing ship. Not gonna lie, I´m going to miss those crazy people something fierce once I´m back to work on monday...

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