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Richard Ermen @Richard_ermen

The finale of the trilogy. We´re starting into #DragonAge Inquisition today, absolutely blind. Going to be great! Join me at for one of the best fantasy adventures.

@GinnyMcQueen Wow, there´s a shitty opinion. Beig depressed and eating go well together but wishing someone would be depressed because it allows one to satisfy arbitrary beauty standards? No siree!

@schonwiedersamstag Oh, I see. Didn´t realize that the colour change in the small user icon was actually part of your hair and not just clothing. Too small on this screen! Well, Dark-Blue, Turqoise and Purple sound fine, if a bit as if they might bite each other ;)

@schonwiedersamstag That sounds surprisingly varied. Are you going for a rainbow-sorta one-slips-into-the-other look?

@DialMforMara I´ve, since you recommended EGS, read about 1350+ pages. Had a lot of fun so far, and still some years ahead of me. Thank you ^^ 👍🏻

@Meshelly Can I get a pet stone instead? For once, I want an animal that both equates to my spirit as well as one that won´t require too much attention...

@burtonash Since the previous ones where the washing maschine and the refrigerator following the light bulb, I suppose next will be nano-machines or nanites or something equally futuristic. As always, the greatest impact comes from those with the highest width of application and influence into daily life and work culture, not those most sci-fi-esque ;)

Yay 😀 , finished first attempt at webrequesting via VB from my own node.JS server with a JSON server. #Coding #Autodidact

Interesting thing to do and attempt, but gods documentation on the net for stuff like this is very much lacking.

@KitRedgrave I´m not saying that´s a good thing but for general interest...where would one find such a job? Cause that sounds like exceptionally easy money....;)

@aemarc Well, it´s understandable from your point of view. Good luck *thumbs_up*

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@MightyPork Well, at least they are using CW by now. Babysteps, you know.

@instajelly That sounds like a step back, not forward ;)

@Eramdam Brother, I know that feeling so well!

So, I recently tried my hand at another shortest story, you know, less than 2k words of the sort.
I suppose, the public will be the judge of whether it´ll be any good..

Act 3 of #DragonAge 2 lies ahead. We´ve got alot of slayings to make. Let´s do it! Join us, it´s going to be a fun ride ;) at
#Stream #Twitch #LetsPlay

Morning everyone. Still feeling a bit under the weather. Had the weirdest dream. Show more

@codecat Welcome to Procrastination Club. You already known the rules.