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Richard Ermen

We continue our conquest of with Civ4 . It´s gonna be a dornish festivitiy in Kings Landing! Join me at , it´s gonna be chill fun =)

To Westeros! Tonight we test with taking the world by storm with 4 and the Game of Thrones Mod! Only at

Oni! Kappa! Nobunaga! Let´s wreck stuff in ! Join me at , it´s fun ;)

This mine won´t clear itself of demons in ! Join me at twitch at it´s going to be fun ;)

Currently playing Doki Doki Literature Club. That´s an interesting way to subvert expectations...

Demons, Demons and more Demons! Our wapanese expedition continues in , only at
Join me, it´s fun ;)

After a small pause, we continue our fun romp through wapanese fields and zipangu towns with ! Join me at, it´s fun ;)

The night is young and awaits! Time to smash bandits and demons in JAPAN! Only at

I think most of my followers already know about this, but I think I have a couple new ones over here (hi!) and it never hurts to get the word out.

In less than a week (starting this Friday), Desert Bus for Hope 2017 begins. It's an almost-week-long fundraiser for Child's Play charity, full of entertainment, ridiculousness, and raising money to help sick children in hospitals.

You can start donating now at, and be sure to check out the madness once the stream starts.

Having solved the worst problems of FPS and other framerate-issues, we continue our journey through unfazed, only at

It has finally arrived on pc and that´s why we´re playing at tonight. Join me as we fight our way through japanese folklore and monstrosity in this not- game 😀

Challenge! Am I the only one on Mastodon that uses crystallography? Are there more then two chemists? Can anyone help me find them if they exist?

#Chemistry #Crystallography #XRD

What a most bizarre experience. On my side everything looked fine, but the game became more and more unplayable, and then I find out that somehow Twitch only got one frame every 10 or so minutes.
Argh 🤔

Tonight, we walk into the lair of dead time and ancient murder. Follow me into NECROPOLIS, only at

Creative writing a game does count, so I´ll continue writing Gates of Gehenna, my dark fantasy p&p rpg at

Spooky times! Join me in exploring , a sweet roguelike to fight vampires! Only at !

Currently reading the SomethingAwful-review of Paizo´s Starfinder trpg. It´s nice to know that the new game is just as bad, in fact sometimes even worse so, than the old one. It´s a sad day for the gaming industry, and not just b because of all the sexual harrassment charges coming to light...

For relaxing times, let´s conquer the world in Civilization 3, only at

NMS is dying fps-wise, so of course I´ll have to change the game to something more ....well...playable. So Tower of Guns it is.

We continue our skyward-exploration looking for the eponymous No Man owning all this stuff at