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Richard Ermen

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Grinning like the lovestruck fool that I am.

Current Status: Slightly heartbroken, but happy to have come clean. 😞 🤔 👋

We continue exploring the Old Iron Kings domain in . Join me at for a healthy dose of dying and action.

It´s a good day for smooth music. Let´s enjoy some while we code away at

We continue, hopefully this time crash-free, into the Old Iron King´s Domain in the third DLC of
Join me at for a smattering of amusement and death!

We return to the world of Drangleic, and wander to the Old Iron Kings domain. The final of the three DLC entries. Join me at for dark and death in

We continue with Shulva, the sunken Sanctum, in Dark Souls 2! Join me at

Eleum Loyce is almost cleaned out. One more boss is missing, and it´s the worst of the bunch. Join me at as we brave the cold.

As a special something for myself, we´re doing something different tonight. Join me for Life is Strange, Before the Storm, episode 1 to 3 in one sitting, at

We continue our exploration of Eleum Loye, especially now that all the bad weather´s gone. Join me at , it´s fun ;)

Let´s continue this for realz! More death incoming in . Join me at

And technical problems made a quick end of that stream. Grmpfö...

We continue our day with another round of shooting. Borderlands 2 it is! Join me at for hiiiiilarious gunny fun.

We continue our path through the darkness of the Undead Crypt, and defeat Velstadt! To the king! Only at

So...I specifically avoided watching my recent favorite streaming show to not be spoiled of Life is Strange and I´m currently thinking about acquiring it for myself. How´s the current mood on "Before the Storm"?

We continue our exploration of the darkest world with our path towards the king. Seek the king! Join me at

Storming Pandora with a friend to say "ARE YOU GUYS HYYPEEEERRRIIIOOON?". Join me at for silly fun.

Join me at for a healthy Dose of and the fun of dying! Yay ^^

We continue our exploratory documentary of a lone man fighting against the wild in Dark Souls 2, only at !

We return to the world of darkness in 2. Join me, as more death awaits and dying is fun ^^
Only on