Finally back from my vacation. One week of sailing all across the baltic sea with friends on a traditional sailing ship. Not gonna lie, I´m going to miss those crazy people something fierce once I´m back to work on monday...

Question: Is there a plugin or extension that can attempt auto-translate on Mastodon? It would be great to be able to interact with many of those who speak languages I won´t be able to learn in the near future =/

It´s friday the 13th...anyway, mood of the day currenty:
- Metal Gear Solid 4 - Love Theme

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we somehow landed in the wrong pants leg of time?

As he slipped into his pyjamas, he thought about what had happened.
His dad´s cancer slipping into remission, his mother laughing for the first time in years, even a little smile that crossed his lips as he thought about the message Jenny had sent. She was willing to start over again.
Maybe now, for the first time everything was looking up. Life was getting better. Tomorrow. For now, sleep. He couldn´t but grin as his eyes closed. Forever.

Things I learned about the Lenovo ThinkPad 500 today... 

1 - Don´t use both VGA as well as DVI connectors, it won´t work and you won´t get a second monitor to work with =(
2 - Using the secondary VGA connection from the device itself won´t work eithre
3 - The driver query via prime-select will claim to be NVIDIA, despite being on an Intel lies!
4 - Lenovo proprietary docks are shit...*sigh*

Today´s mood music:
- Best of Metal Gear Solid OSTs

Keep rockin´, everyone ;)

Also, BTW, looking for anyone well versed in a) monitoring software or b) Icinga2, toot back @ me if you know these things and can help me make heads or toes of some of their concepts because I definitely feel lost xD

tl;dr - Back and mostly good to go... 

Status Update: Most of my emotional deadlock from March has since been resolved, and I should sooner or later be starting up working with Mastodon again, so expect more and more frequent activity on here soon. I might have missed some of the more egregious issues around here. So..what has happened with you guys?

Current Mood:
Grinning like the lovestruck fool that I am.

Current Status: Slightly heartbroken, but happy to have come clean. 😞 🤔 👋

We continue exploring the Old Iron Kings domain in . Join me at for a healthy dose of dying and action.

It´s a good day for smooth music. Let´s enjoy some while we code away at

We continue, hopefully this time crash-free, into the Old Iron King´s Domain in the third DLC of
Join me at for a smattering of amusement and death!

We return to the world of Drangleic, and wander to the Old Iron Kings domain. The final of the three DLC entries. Join me at for dark and death in

We continue with Shulva, the sunken Sanctum, in Dark Souls 2! Join me at

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