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Richard Ermen @Richard_ermen

Oriath is falling, and we are the cause of it! Let´s go kill more gods at!

There´s been a second Max Payne movie? What? Why? How? Now I´ll have to suffer through that one as well!

13h of coding and learning later I´ve finally made that necessary breakthrough on how to access that JSON via webserver and jQuery. Man, eff JavaScript.

@bradlibum COnsidering how many creepy clown movies we are getting, I´m able to believe that.

@susannah @CobaltVelvet
It actually did, so I´m as happy as can be =)

Oriath has fallen, and we are helping! Let´s return to with the new patch in a long feature @!

Also, what the hell happened to my home stream? I suddenly don´t see anymore posts being listed.

Funny. I´ve just spent 6h on a solo gaming project, and now I´m going to continue spend 4-6h on a semi-solo gaming project :D

Let´s rewrite history with Caveman2Cosmos, a Civilization 4 Mod, only at

Is it just me or are there like 10+ new clown horror movies coming out till the year´s done? What, did Hollywood suddenly realize that clowns can be scary? Or was it the idea that IT was successful and they want to recapture that movie magic with lesser movies and no understanding of the why? *sigh*

I´m in the mood for something rocky and spacey, so it is! Join me at as a space trader!

@eladhen I envy you, for I´d really want to get into that, but you can´t back without a credit card :(
Any pronounced changes from first edition?

Damnit. So...Path of Exile released Fall of Oriath recently. Time to stream PoE again, I suppose? Damnit, I really wanted to get some work done this weekend 😅

@Noelle808 It sounds interesting. Anything specifically you´re thinking about? Boardgame? RPG-Elements?
Miniatures? Psychological Stress from playing people unprepared for this?´s still fun, so time for more SUNDERED at

We had Chinese food yesterday.
I was all set for the typical cliche fortune cookie fortune, when this happened.

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@bradlibum That...does indeed sound painful :/
Here´s to it going away soon.

This world is gone but it´s gods remain...let´s play Sundered at