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Richard Ermen @Richard_ermen

@gannet Can be a good thing, can be a bad thing. Usually, these awards go to cringeworthy products, like at the Spike TV awards, or even when the BAFTA gives out game awards. Somewhat cringeworthy every time. Here´s to hoping that a Nebula will do better =)

@masklayer What kinda of sleep-overview app is that?

@schestowitz That would be weird. But then again, so is bombing an Ariana Grande concert. Either someone really hates pop music, or this is some sort of terror crime, an attempt in intimidating the public and therefore those influenced by them. Either way...shite.

@schestowitz Do they have any idea about who did it? Did anyone claim responsible (except the usual suspects)?

A bomb in Manchester....what the hell people!
#Wtf #Crime #Manchester

Something to mulch about. Nothing...and no one is inherently boring. All it requires is the right perspective.

Sometimes creativity is biting my ass about itself. Recently had a slew of great design ideas about some neat concepts for a Sci-Fi TRPG but I´m already working on one long and big conceptual design with Gates of Gehenna, and that isn´t even "publishable" or "near finished". Aaaargh!
#FirstWorldProblems #DamnCreative! #RPG #GameDesign

Oh, on a sidenote, I recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It was good. Not great, like the first, kinda short despite going 2 hours, but the plot was rather abrupt. Still going to get it on DVD. Definitely not as bad as some make it.
#Marvel #Guardians2

Just watched JimSterlings report about the PR disaster. Fascinating stuff. Still a disaster. Like a car crash you can´t look away from.
#Wargaming #WorldOfTanks #JimSterling

I love the fact that we basically got Garrys Mod for Breath of the Wild WiiU. Only...incredibly difficult to access. Like...unlikely for the common man. Argh! 🤣
#Zelda #Fun

@DialMforMara Still a good thing to have going for you ^^ 👍🏻

Calling Morgan Yu, Morgan Yu please to Talos PREY. Join me, it´s fun 😉 at for a long action-themed stream of gaming sunday 🔫

Just saw Table 19. Weird for a romantic comedy. Rather short as well. Still loved Anna Kendrick in it , even if she didn´t got to use her full range for the movie. #movies

Talos I needs a serious clean-up. Help me accomplish it in PREY, at
#stream #gaming #PREY #Action

What the...what happened to profile pictures?

@Canageek Longtime-CoC player and GM here, currently running Mountains of Madness. What exactly do you envision?

Currently preparing The Maze of the Blue Medusa for tonights Pathfinder game. I´m wondering though. At what point is something weird for weirdness sake only, instead of for "value"? #rpg #Pathfinder #OSR #Weird

@neon Well you have to admit that it does look kinda cool, so it´s somewhat justified :D

@neon That sounds easier than it´s actually done, doesn´t it? 😅