MARIE KONDO: someday a real rain will come and tidy up all this scum off the streets

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!

What's the absolute clunkiest line in "We Didn't Start the Fire"?

Talk to me then try to put me down
We used to be cool now we don't hang around
Used to be friends but now we're foes
Ask me why, man, no one knows

While we masturbate to these pixelated videos of strangers fuckin' themselves

People fucking around with joke content warnings desensitized me to the point where I'll open a cw literally saying "DICK PIC" thinking "haha it's probably a dumb joke and not a dick pic"

And what do you know, it turns out to be an actual dick pic

Just learned about this #firefox feature: "% <term>" in the location bar searches for <term> through your open tabs. Nice!

ME: [about to make a cut on some wrapping paper]

ALSO ME: [jumping out of a time machine from a two minutes in the future] you're going to want that a few centimeters longer

there was an interesting trend in the 70s of musical acts that had previously been lesser known getting really big off of live albums (Kiss, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton)

Umlaut letters get all of the love, but Å is clearly the funkiest letter.

Took the kids to see Spiderverse. For me, it was fine; superhero movies are just not my thing at all. I did like the design on Doc Ock, though.

This is a few years late, I suppose, but I am still highly irritated how the Gawker family of blogs (Deadspin, et al) consistently call a post a "blog."

I feel lost in the fediverse right now... stream isn't full of nasty, corporate, and politics like it was on birbsite

...but it's also full of a lot of people whose experiences I find it hard to relate to

...and a few shitposters

..and not much real connection between people anymore, at least, not like it was when I first joined.

what changed? is this just what happens when a place becomes popular?

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