the singer of Semisonic, getting dressed in the morning:
Clothing time

Few people know Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past is a recipe for cookies that presaged how recipes would be written online in the 21st century

@Taweret Don't forget Digital Underground has a big scene in Nothing But Trouble!

Hey, did Billy Joel ever figure out why he goes to extremes?

the only thing i hate more than incrementalism is when people claim the marginal gains of incrementalism are somehow Actually Bad™

yeah capitalism exists, but women still deserve equal pay

yeah the empire sucks, but people of color getting elected to public office is still a step in a better direction

when you deride this stuff as meaningless, you’re basically telling marginalized folk to “shut up and stay oppressed until the revolution”. which, if that’s your message, fuck your revolution

its so easy to be a fan of something now. like if youre interested in anything you can go on internet and theres already 100,000 things about it. its been dissected to death. theres millions of people who are more interested in it that you'll ever be. overwhelming!! exhausting!!!!!!!! puts me off the whole idea of liking things

Why is no one talking about the show where Eric Idle played a ghost?

(looking at you, @Taweret )

@Taweret So basically, the whole thing was "What if Zaat, but more Island of Dr. Moreau"?

I'm starting to think that Star Trek TNG's genius (when they figured it out) was to play it exactly like every character was in their own show.

Riker and Troi are two separate 80s soap operas, or possibly two separate subplots in one 80s soap opera. Picard thinks he's in a military procedural, dammit, and there will be ORDER. Data is a one-android standup comedy show. Wesley is WESLEY CRUSHER, TEEN GENIUS while Beverley is a medical drama. Worf is half of a buddy-cop comedy.

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