When I find myself in times of trouble
Princess Elsa comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it go

periodic reminder: "loanword" is a calque (from German "Lehnwort") and "calque" is a loanword (from French "calquer")

The Czech Central Social Institution in Prauge, has 18 blocks of file cabinets 25 high, 20 across, and 3 metres deep, for 9,000 cabinets totalling 27 km in linear storage.

What's that in bytes?

A typewritten page, double-spaced, at 10 cpi, has about 2 KB of characters. You can fit about 150 pages/in (60pages/cm). At a 2/3 fill factor, the entire room is about 210 GB of storage. At capacity, nearer 375 GB.

There are 1 TB microSD cards.

You can hide this building under your pinkie nail.

Idea: spellchecker that just appends "[sic]" to your errors

When we weren't looking, Matt Frewer turned into the lead singer of Midnight Oil.

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