i found this high-quality math shitpost screencap on my laptop and i have no idea who wrote it, but it should be shared with the world before i delete it from my hard drive

@metapianycist @Canageek so we’ve got complex fucks, but limited to the rationals. We can extend this into the irrationals with “some crazy fuck.”

@DialMforMara @metapianycist @Canageek or equivalently with "what the flying fuck", which implies that there are continuous paths in fuckspace

@serindelaunay @DialMforMara @metapianycist @Canageek I'm curious how functions fit in all this. Pretty sure they come in imperial and metric, but not certain.

@RecursiveRabbit @serindelaunay @metapianycist @Canageek The fuckton is inherently imperial, because you have to say "metric fuckton" to disambiguate

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