People who think that there would be no scientists or "innovation" without capitalism seem to be living in some imaginary world where scientists get paid a lot. People become scientists *despite* capitalism. Capitalism tries to sabotage science at every turn.

Oh gods, this. So much this. I’ve endured so much capitalism-related anxiety because of my decision to become a scientist. And practically everyone working in science has to constantly beg for money just to continue doing whatever it is they’re trying to do!


@InvaderXan @Some_Person Simple reason capitalism doesn't mix with science: Science is a gamble because the outcomes are always unknown, and thus much less attractive from the perspective of an investor.

They'd rather have science work like tech trees in Civilization, where you know what your research is going to provide for its investment. From this perspective, valuable pure research is a waste of resources.

@RecursiveRabbit @Some_Person
Quite. A lot of problems with science funding arise because of people trying to put time and price limits on things with no certain times or prices.

Story of my life TBH.

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