I realize that, given how I don't really play video games, I don't usually offer video game opinions, but you know? What if Red Dead Redemption 3, whenever it comes out, *wasn't* about the Wild West but instead was about Bush Rangers and went between the Outback and NZ?


In THIS Economy?: Revised Material Components, A-F (A #DnD article by @noelle!)


So there I was, trying to buy a miniature platinum sword so I could cast Arcane Sword, when a messenger burst into the shop and exclaimed that a competitor down the road had dropped his prices on the trinkets - only 240 gold pieces! By the time I turned back around, the shopkeeper had sighed and marked down his price to compete, at 239 gold pieces...

until pretty fucking recently, the same places that were banning gay men's blood from donation were also banning trans women's blood and the partners of trans women.

some of them want trans women's blood now, but are still imposing discriminatory measures against gay men's blood.

sorry. not fucking happening. you can have my blood donations if and when you lift the ban on gay men's blood entirely. no wait period is acceptable. fuck off

hey it's kinda fucked up that we premise our entire society on competition producing better outcomes when someone inevitably loses out in competition

My city is giving up to $2K in financial assistance for businesses to board up their building—if they cover it with art. Neighborhood is starting to look a lot less like a disaster area and more like we're all in this together.

“Vodou is a healing centered, eco-theological philosophy that provides a basis for sustaining and transmitting the wisdom and intelligence of our ancestors into sacred rites. It forms the foundation of the moral and ethical standards we uphold as African descendants. (1/2)


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Coronavirus, Elon Musk 

pol, or econ, or something 

april fools! PUPPY.EXE was me all along!! :blobcatmlem:

am so glad i don't have to act like a doggo anymore :blobmiou: it was exhausting for a kitn like me

autism awareness shit 

Covid-19 and climate change political 

animal crossing 

covid phishing, not a joke 

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