Final Fantasy 14 announcement: I have reached level 69 goldsmith.

Iranian protesters are burning down a central bank. get i get a round of "fuck yeah"?

Don't debate fascists 

"Center" = majority of public opinion (generally where people like Bernie Sanders are in terms of most policies)

"Centrist" = someone who insists on alwats taking a middle ground for all disagreements, regardless of how factually correct/incorrect a given side of the disagreement may be

asking for financial help 

A quote from Benito Mussolini. The quote reads: You know what we need more of? neoliberalism. It's integral to fascism.

Think about it like this.

I'm a cis het brother. I am the only cis het person on the PV admin team.

Get it?

@dankwraith There's always so much patience for mediocre and hateful white men.

Meanwhile, they cheered when the incompetent cop that killed Tamir Rice got off.

They like to pretend we don't see the details for some odd reason.

Im outing a rapist. Im not safe. And yet im doing it. Im fighting for the survivors that reached out to me.

Their name is Dan Spizuco.

Street art thread 

People keep saying my comment about Birdland being a white supremacist site is hyperbole, but I'll bet 20 bucks that they've de-platformed more people who openly stand against white supremacy than actual white supremacists.

Ha, that math aint hard on this one.

Fighting pokemon are supereffective against dark type because it's basically like the jocks bullying the goth kids

part one of the server covenant says you have to have active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia

and yet's admin has a noted history of being racist, and explicitly has moderation go through a "democratic" process, rather than an actually active moderation process

interesting how the top two servers on ( and are both servers with long noted issues with racism and "free speech" types :thonk:

white supremacy search engine? 

Thoughts on shaming poor people for not eating vegan 

does your website need to track gender?
does it REALLY need to track gender?
does it REALLY REALLY need to track gender?
are you POSITIVE it needs to track gender?

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