sex positive isabelle + lewd words

@Taweret It's not the worst hobby of Time Lord to try to install some humility in posh upperclass kids by introducing them to singing penguins and actual members of the under classes.

Hello! I’ve been posting #nonbinarypride and #nonbinarypositivity since 2016 as “proudnb” on #tumblr. I am indifferent to pronouns.

After tumblr’s dec 17 announcement, I’m leaving tumblr to continue my work free from the risk of total deletion from queer-phobia by the staff there.

I am excited to use a de-centralized social media to spread love and self-acceptance. I’m looking forward to new friends and a new experience here.

#introductions #tumblrmigration #tumblrexodus #lgbt #queer

You know what's really great? Whenever someone says "Oh, this thing that I really liked is going away" and immediately someone "helpfully" suggests an alternative.

Let me set the record straight. Some of us have been around on the Internet for a few years. Some of us have used some of these protocols and what-not. There's a reason I'm not about to run my own server of your favorite application. Perhaps I already have and found the experience terrible enough to want to switch to something else.

living in the decay of empire is a lot more banal than i expected. kinda sux tbh

like call me a hippie but I truly believe that art and radical love and protest/change/activism go hand in hand

"Poop at work." Best use of paid time at the office and save money on toliet paper for at home. That is my money saving tip for the day.

What’s funnier: graduating from Clown College or dropping out of Clown College?

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:drake_dislike: Daphne is the hot one and Velma is ugly
:drake_dislike: Velma is actually the hot one and Daphne is a dumb bimbo
:drake_like: Daphne and Velma are both queens and also gay for each other

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wearing a fursuit in a public place is the ultimate power move

:33 < reports of my sl33p were greatly exaggerated.

blew my therapists fucking mind today talking about leftism and self care and the phrase “your self worth is not determined by your productivity”

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