Donate if you can to help spring Noah Whitewolf, who was arrested while protesting the unsafe and unhealthy conditions people are being held under in Lane County Jail.

i just got a discord message from a coworker like "have you heard about the unionization efforts" and instantly I am fucking PRESSED because our group is so nascent and if we're leaking this badly at this stage in our organization we are super fucked. nope turns out just another parallel group of coworkers are also trying to unionize lmfaooo

its so abundantly transparent when someone has no actual interest in defending and listening to BIPoC.

like, you think you're all slick or whatever, gonna be the Aristocrat Lord of Logic weighing impartially on matters of justice but first you must be presented with 5 pieces of adequate evidence like fuck you lmao we know you don't follow a single goddamn person of color if you haven't seen evidence before and forcing any of us to go through MORE pains to serve it to you, personally, on a silver platter before you will even consider bestowing us with a crumb of dignity like just put your white hood back on and go

Every time I have to go to my car dealership for a check up I think about how my mom sat in the lobby for an hour and waited until somebody finally talked to her and was like “you’ve been talking to these white people that have been browsing and ignored me when I’m literally here to buy a car tomorrow” lol

also when I bought the car in my pajamas as a power move, good times

Massive thanks to all the people who helped with my living costs this month 💚 you've helped me afford to restock my kitchen :flow:

You're also helping to fund my writing projects! I'll be posting about those as I work on them at my writing account, @InvaderXan, and on my ko-fi page at

Weird dream, recall? 

AAA game execs: with rising development costs we have no choice but to charge 70 dollars per video game from now

me: what if the games were just shorter and had less extreme visual fidelity so they cost less to develop *gets thrown out of the window*

Personal predictions, mention of current events 

POC are not a hivemind. You do not need to designated an Acceptable POC to be the POC Chief of Posting who determines what is and isn't acceptable behavior for every other POC on the platform.

Do you not understand how harmful that behavior is??? Or how you're putting unnecessary pressure and responsibility on a singular person who quite honestly doesn't need it?

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Happy one year anniversary to Shadowbringers thanks for the bun girls

Normalize letting POC talk about race and race struggled without sanitizing it or hiding it for white comfort

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fedi loves to say “Abolish ICE” but then deports the Latinx instance from their timeline

just because we live in an unjust society where there is no ethical consumption or production does not mean you no longer have a duty to minimize the harm you cause and put into the world

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@bunne using the CW feature liberally to show everyone messages we get literally every day for posting about our experiences just living life.

Sure, we're saying its a bit, but it's actually us being tired of being told we have to CW racism when talking about the fact that my nurses purposefully gave me less pain meds because they found out I was indigenous, and "natives don't feel pain as much"

i never really thought about this much when i joined the fediverse, although it's fairly apparent. i've been big on radical transparency -- i basically don't have a reason to want my toots hidden from the world

if you follow many folks whom trolls are prone to harass severely -- BIPoC, people with major disability, people at the intersections of numerous oppressions -- you probably notice that they post followers-only more often than not, or at least much much more often than the average poster

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