his arms expand when he eats spinach, but non-directionally, because he's Popeye the Scalar Man

*furiously punching numbers into a 10-key calculator* 🧮😥

OH NO! i've just mathematically proven that it is in fact definitely All Men. every single one of them. i've triple checked the numbers and it all adds up!

*slowly raising a lighter to the calculator's paper printout* 🔥📃

no one can ever know this terrible secret they all kinda already know. . .


It's almost like if you provide a worse service than the pirates, people will choose piracy.

Yeah everybody loves the free market til it slaps em.

Facts are actually very considerate of people’s feelings and, to be quite honest, they don’t appreciate others speaking on their behalf. If anything, YOU don’t care about FACTS’ feelings.

if you come away from formal logic class thinking it can be applied to formally analyze real world social problems instead of having a massive existential crisis about what logic even is, you probably should have failed the class

im not owned. im not owned. i say as i use math to prove not all men

the venn diagram of "men who like to reduce complex and emotive issues to weird logic equations" and "obnoxious dickweeds" is a circle

I have tried to go to lunch 3x and keep getting yanked back to my desk by people who think their mild inconvenience is a life or death matter. I am 100% over today.

i am like a squeaky toy except when you boop me or hug me i do not squeak, i mew

BREAKING: Free Speech Extremist Shocked to Learn that First Amendment Doesn't Require People to Listen to Him

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woman: "not all men" guys are such shitters
man: not all men say "not all men"

the fuck

speaking of trans women: it's also deeply stupid to do this to each other. some of our power is in the fear we command.

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