There is a 4th grade trans girl in my son's class who just transitioned, and all the kids embraced it fully, according to my kids. All the kids defend her fiercely, like when someone dead names her (usually adults). This is so different from when I was their age in the '80s. I hope it's really getting better.

Haiku and math joke delivery 

The set of all sets
That do not contain themselves.
Where should I put it?

The 'blob derp' emoji, with its wide set eyes, is designed to look like someone with a developmental disability. That's what 'derp' means.
It's used to mock people for lacking intelligence and using disability as the device to do it. #ableism #a11y

instance block, ACAB 

the admin of, the_gibson, has worked with u.s. law enforcement repeatedly, most recently "a few weeks ago in fact, on [the_gibson's] terms", in their own words.

when this first came out in 2019, a lot of discussion focused on them being part of infragard ( ). their public statement about this ( ) was unapologetic & specifically mentioned working with the FBI - the secret police of the u.s. - though it didn't give much detail.

they were called out for this another time in 2021 ( ), because still moved in online spaces that largely considered themselves leftist/progressive/radical/etc despite the callout. nothing really changed, so they've been called out *again* ( ) & not only continue to not give a shit about people's concerns but seem to have even more sycophants supporting them for this stance ( ).

this person is an open, willing, & current fed collaborator - they don't think it was wrong, they weren't coerced (as far as we know), & they are still doing it. #fediblock #ACAB #FTP
#boost #mutualaid

"I am a 24 year old trans hispanic man in desperate need of top surgery... My family supports me financially academically and they help me with housing and food, but I am currently an unemployed graduate student (MA) and they have repeatedly refused to support me in my transition."

Jobs destroy lives. Don't try jobs, not even once. Don't give in to peer pressure: jobs aren't "cool" no matter what they tell you

The most urgent survival needs are too often ignored. We can't offer a shoulder to cry on when what someone needs is a roof over their head.

My #mutualaid group in Morris County, New Jersey always has families in need of food, medicine, shelter - the very basics of life, and no government or charity will help. While we organize for abundant communities of the future, we still need emergency relief for today.

My venmo is @ theresa-markila if you'd like to help. Every little bit means so much.

we've never seen shenanigans levels like this

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Liked Neofeud? Check these out:
Umurangi Generation - Indigenous-made cyberpunk rebellion
Coyote & Crow - Sci-Fi RPG in uncolonized future, by Natives!
Technobabylon - Top-shelf cyberpunk point-and-click!
Red Strings Club - Is a life sanitized of all negative experience worth it?

I love right wing survivalists who are like “make sure you keep stuff with intrinsic value, like gold, for the apocalypse”

And I’m like whoooo buddy you don’t know what intrinsic means

Have fun eating gold

like unless you have practical insight that estrogen and testosterone interact with autism - which is likely, bodies are knowingly a mess - let's also keep in mind the fact that diagnosis has been extremely biased by gender, not only autism, but many others. and also biased by what people are allowed to show, and how they're listened to, which is biased by gender perceived by the observer

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If you have the means, here's the solidarity fund for the Amazon Labor Union. Share and give as you can.

Looking for bookshops that sell DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, magazines, & RPGs?

Here is a list of over 300 DRM-free bookshops. Selling ebooks you can actually own, keep, and read on any of your favourite devices, at any time.

“it's no coincidence that TERF rhetoric increased just as feminist circles were finally beginning to have productive conversations about intersectionality & how historical feminist successes had largely benefited white women, straight women, cis women, wealthy women, able-bodied women, neurotypical women. Suddenly, a whole bunch of white feminists were told, 'hey, perhaps your voices aren't the ones that need centering right now. perhaps you should pass the mic.'”

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Debt: The First 5000 Years - on market economies, slavery, and their relationship to civilisation/empire

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