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je voudrais ecouté la musique francais. tu as recommendation moderne?

je m'apelle John, je voudrais attendre(?) francais...

just did the french placement test on duolingo. Already on level 6! whooO!

on that note: What is a good android app to learn languages, specifically french?

Oh! Tusky is now sending me notifications! nice. :)

I think I'm going to download a french-learning app. I'm enjoying reading the french toots and want to understand more. This is more effective than the 9 years of french I had in school. :D

Reading my feeds:
:notes: :musical_note: toots and cats and toots and cats and toots and cats and capitalism must be destroyed :notes: :musical_note:

I honestly think having more Black People/PoC/LGBT people working on the Mastodon code would be good. Really any marginalized group.

Given that harassment is rampant everywhere, we would have good insights that a cishet allo white guy might not tbh

retoot if you love smashing capitalism, and being a bit gay

I don't even want to hear about free speech. You aren't entitled to someone else's attention. Trolling is not a Constitutional right. You want to do that, spin up your own instance.

And certainly, someone could start a free-speech-anarchist instance with all pest controls off. For, though, I think they have a real responsibility to crack down on this shit.

The right to abuse is not about freedom. It silences people. It restricts freedom and expression—it never enhances it.

I love that there are no 'influencers' here. Also no celebs.

I like seein brands and companies struggle to understand the value in this. Show more

If other social media services learn one thing from this, Show more

It is that easy to tag your politics posts, so please do that. Even if you're just venting.

It's not censorship, OK? This stuff is depressing as shit for a lot of us and we're not here for it. We'll all deal just fine if you put your vents behind a cw, thanks

Should I sign up for the VR hackathon on Seattle? It's one day after I fly in and I might be ridden by jetlag... but it sounds really exciting:


I'm a dad of the cutest and most awesome kid I know. also husband to an amazing wife.
I love video games and still believe they can truly impact us.
I'm an engineer, but also an artist at heart (I do not believe in the separation of left and right brain).
I love fixing problems and coming up with solutions.
I work as a programmer and love collaborating with and helping others. esp. people who are different from myself.
Currently I'm Germany, but will move to Seattle soon.

whoo new episodes of Terrace House on Netflix! :D

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